10 Christmas gift ideas under $20 for friends and family of all ages

The holiday season is well upon us and with only four weeks left until Christmas, you may be in a mad dash to finish up your holiday shopping before it’s too late. You also may be feeling the squeeze on your wallet thanks to the non-stop sales that have been running these past two months.

With Cyber Monday running through the week and Black Friday taking a well earned break after almost eight weeks of sales, it’s an excellent time to clear out the remainder of your holiday shopping list while saving some money.

The best part? You don’t have to spend hundreds to make Christmas Day special, all you need is some spare change and the right attitude. There are loads of fun and exciting stocking stuffers on sale, plus plenty of Christmas gift ideas that don’t break the bank.

Here a list of fun, budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas under $20 to help you fill those holiday stockings before it’s too late!

Price: $19.99

Exploding Kittens (Ages 7+)
What do laser beams, The Oatmeal, explosions, kittens, and a card game have in common? Apparently much more than we thought! Exploding kittens is a fun card game the whole family can enjoy, with hijinks that’ll turn your family Christmas into a fun-filled party.

Price: $16.95

Ab Roller by Fitnessery
Everyone has a new years resolution, and 90% of the time it’s losing weight. Avoid spending money on expensive workout gear this year and start small with an ab roller. Your wallet will thank you, and your friends won’t feel so bad giving up so quickly!

Price: $16.99

Legend of Zelda Ocarina
Shopping for a gamer? Link’s replica Ocarina from Legend of Zelda is a top notch idea! Fully chromatic, this Ocarina is fully playable in Alto C and features the legendary tri-force symbol etched on the mouthpiece. A killer collectible for any true gamer out there.

Price: $11.99

Giant 12 oz. Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss Candy (12 oz.)
Everyone loves candy, especially in giant form. Imagine the surprise in their eyes when they open up a massive 12 oz. Hershey’s Kiss this Christmas!  Made entirely of Hershey’s famous chocolate, this is the ultimate Christmas gift for the family sweet tooth.

Price: $19.99

Coleman Brew Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler
The winter season is the perfect time for a warm cup of coffee, your favorite hot cocoa, or a warm tea to soothe the soul. An insulated tumbler is an excellent gift for those who need to keep those drinks warm this holiday season. Keeps drinks cold or warm all day long!

Price: $16.99

Jenga Wooden Block Stacking Game (Ages 6+)
A family-friendly game that requires skill, finesses, and a little bit of luck, Jenga is an excellent time for the whole family. Kids and adults alike will love the suspense this game creates! Use strategy to be the victor or topple the tower and be the one everyone laughs at!

Price: $9.99

KINGOU Wooden Puzzle Sphere Brain Teaser
Challenge your friends to one of the toughest brain teaser puzzles available! KINGOU’s puzzle sphere will test anyone’s IQ with a complex yet fun puzzle. No small parts to keep away from kids, no difficult setup or batteries needed. Open and go!

Price: $19.95

3 Sword Germany 10 Piece Grooming Kit
Everyone needs a solid grooming kit, and this set comes complete with everything needed to maintain. A stocking stuffer friends and family are sure to appreciate, this is an excellent partner gift to everyone’s New Year’s resolution of losing weight!

Price: $12.99

Ecolution Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper
Get perfectly popped popcorn quickly and easily with this nifty little gadget. Make Christmas night the perfect movie night with this no-hassle popcorn maker. A great addition to any cinephile’s home or as an added stocking stuffer for the movie goer in your family.

Price: $8.99

Chillz Sphere Ice Maker Mold
Add a little style to your mini-bar with special sphere ice. A cool mold for any kitchen, these’ll take your drinks up a notch with a unique twist. A great stocking stuffer for the liquor lover of the family, but fun for the whole family!

Whatever your holiday shopping list looks like this year, there’s plenty of gifts to find out there that won’t kill your bank account. Some of the most fun you’ll have this Christmas won’t cost you more than $20 thanks to these awesome gift ideas, but don’t be afraid to head over to Amazon’s entire section dedicated to fun, inexpensive gifts for everyone.

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