20 Home Office Upgrades For A More Attractive Working Space

These days, having a comfortable at-home workspace is a priority. And, considering how many hours of the day are spent in front of a laptop, it’s well worth investing in pieces to create a space that’s not only comfortable but also looks nice. But for anyone whose work-from-home setup is a dining table and folding chair or a makeshift desk, creating a home office that’s both practical and attractive can be a challenge. 

Here’s the good news: You don’t necessarily need a lot of room to do it. Myriad space-saving options are out there, from ladder desks that look great in the living room to desks that are compact enough for an office nook, but can be easily tucked away into a hall closet. Office chairs covered in rich-looking fabric like velvet or suede are stylish enough to be the centerpiece of a room, and accessories like rolling file cabinets and design-forward task lamps take care of clutter and lighting needs. 

Here are our top picks for attractive home office upgrades. From essential pieces to nice-to-have extras, they’re ones that will work with a range of décor to suit all styles and tastes.

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