The Property Brothers Encounter a Kitchen Design Travesty To Never Commit

“Property Brothers: Forever Home” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott have met many homeowners who need help decorating. But none can hold a candle to their latest clients, a couple who are so design-challenged, they’ve been living in an empty house.

On the latest episode, “Building the Nest,” Drew and Jonathan meet Brian and Lesley, newlyweds who bought a house in Las Vegas. They hope to fill the house with fun parties (and eventually a few kids), but they’ve made minimal progress, having added only a fold-up table, blow-up mattress, and beanbag chair!

Drew and Jonathan know that the young couple need real furniture in a functional space if they’re ever going to settle down into their forever home. Luckily, they have a $150,000 budget to make this space perfect.

Read on to find out how the Scott brothers turn this blank canvas into a cozy home, which might inspire

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