DIA unveils scaled-down plans to finish Great Hall project

Denver International Airport’s scaled-down $170 million plan to finish its Great Hall terminal renovation would salvage part of the original security relocation plans — while leaving a costly chunk of the project for another day.

The upshot of the plan unveiled Monday is that DIA’s two major security checkpoints, now both on the main floor, would be clustered near each other on the north end of the terminal. One would stay put where it is now, on Level 5, while the south screening area would be moved upstairs to an expanded configuration on Level 6, in an area now occupied by ticket counters on the building’s west side.

Ditched, for now, is the plan to also build a second large checkpoint in the northeast corner of Level 6, which would have moved all screening upstairs.

DIA officials this week will ask Denver City Council to advance a contract amendment for

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