Common Sources Of Bathroom Water Leakage

Understanding and identifying common water leakage areas in your home is the first step to protecting it. In particular, you should beware of wet areas while constantly checking on their condition.


Check your water heater

Like your toilet, your hot water heater gets a lot of use. Once more, you may not remember to check it for leaks regularly, however it’s incredibly important to do so, specifically if your water has a high mineral amount. You might have a tool to strain supposed “hard” water, however it can still rip at your hot water heater system over time, creating damages to pipelines, and possibly resulting in a water heater leakage.

Check your drains

Dripping drains are a likely root cause of water that leaks from beneath your tub. This could be a leakage originating from under the drain, which would call for the help of a plumbing to set right. … Read More