24 Cute Christmas Date Ideas

If you’re one of the lucky people who has someone to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas, 1) I’m totally jealous and 2) You’re in for some fun. But as I’m sure you’re already aware, celebrating the holiday this year in the middle of the pandemic means a slight change in normal plans.

Sure, you might not be able to go ice skating or to your fave holiday pop-up bar, but there are still plenty of romantic, Christmas-y things you can do with your S.O. that are safe and socially distant.

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So for your viewing pleasure, here are 25 romantic Christmas date ideas that are fun to enjoy in These Times. (But for anyone you’re not living with, you might want to just stick to a socially-distanced Christmas FaceTime call, mmk?)

1. Have a Christmas carol karaoke sing-off

Okay, so you can’t exactly go around your neighborhood caroling because, hi, yup, global pandemic here. Alternate solution: Bring the singing home and have a Christmas carol karaoke night. You can find instrumental versions to your favorite Xmas classics anywhere on YouTube, so just grab your phone or laptop and get to singing. (Maybe after a few tipsy cocktails too.)

2. Binge some Netflix Christmas flicks

Whether you love Netflix Christmas specials or think they’re the definition of cringe, you have to admit, watching them is pretty addicting. This year, celebrate the holidays by binging all of your favorite classics with your Christmas bae. (And yes, this includes the movie where Vanessa Hudgens plays two characters.)

3. Set up a hot chocolate tasting

If you and your partner feel comfortable dining outdoors (with socially-distanced heated seating, ofc), try a night of hot cocoa tasting. Go from place to place trying hot chocolates and rate each one. You can even tally up your points at the end of the night and decide on a winner. Or, if you want to keep it at home, try a few different hot cocoa recipes from online.

4. Go on a Christmas cabin getaway

Sure, you can’t really travel too far right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get away for the holidays. Check Airbnbs in your state for a cute winter-y cabin you can head to for a weekend with your sweetheart. For extra safety, drive out there yourselves.

5. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

No matter what’s going on in the world, there are always people who could use an extra hand. Turn your Christmas date night into a night of caring for others. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or buy meals for those less fortunate.

6. Host a gingerbread house decorating competition

I mean, is it really Christmas if you don’t bust out your best gingerbread house decorating skills? Get all the ingredients beforehand and make it a decorating competition: Winner gets first dibs on biting into the delicious designs.

7. Have a Christmas card photo shoot

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to take your Christmas card photos for you. What you do need: a tripod and a great imagination. Spend your Christmas taking adorable, goofy, or sexy Christmas pics with your partner. And if you create a masterpiece (which you will, of course), then you have something great to send out to family and friends—or hide away in the bottom of your drawer forever.

8. Look at Christmas lights together

Is there a street in your neighborhood that always has the best Christmas light decorations? A romantic date could be just that: Taking a walk down Christmas lane. Take in all the beautiful Christmas glory with your love on your arms. Too cold? Go for a super slow drive around the neighborhood.

9. Make DIY ornaments

Sure, fancy ornaments that have been in your family for generations can be beautiful. But you know what would look even better on your tree? DIY ornaments that you made with your partner. Pinterest was made for this kind of thing.

10. Cook a Christmas dinner

The best part about the holidays is the food. And if you can’t do a fancy Xmas dinner at your favorite restaurant, it’ll be the perfect time to try your hands at making a meal yourselves. Plus, cooking together can be so romantic—regardless of whether you’re both natural-born chefs.

11. Bake Christmas cookies

Forget Santa, you deserve some Christmas cookies. Not only will your place smell like cookies (AKA love) at the end of the night, but, come on, what’s more wholesome and adorable than making Christmas cookies with your person? Nothing.

12. Go through old toys to donate

Yup, it’s time to purge and get rid of those old toys chilling in your and your person’s closets. With your S.O., make it a date by choosing which toys and/or clothes to donate to charity foundations. Not only will you learn more about your partner’s childhood from their old stuff, but you’ll help bring some joy to those in need.

13. Put up decorations

Christmas may feel different this year, especially if you can’t see all of your family like you usually do. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting in the Christmas mood. Get together with your sweetie and decorate your places with all the best things you can find.

14. Role-play a lil Christmas fun

Christmas dates don’t have to be entirely wholesome and adorable. Like any holiday, it’s a great excuse to get creative (and festive) in the bedroom. Try role-playing with your partner using Christmas themes: Santa and one of his reindeer? The Grinch and a person from Whoville? You get the idea.

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15. Go sledding

If you live in an area where there’ll be hills and hills of snow, take advantage of the ambiance. Throw on your warmest winter clothes, grab a sled (or a makeshift one), and get to a snowy slope. Playing around in the snow is the perfect place for a romantic montage—consider it like foreplay.

16. Get Christmas shopping done

If you’re looking for a more low-key Christmas date, running errands together is always a sweet idea. Give each other gift ideas, walk through stores or browse favorite sites, and maybe even get a better idea for what your partner likes.

17. Look for Christmas trees

If you haven’t found the perfect Christmas tree yet, make it an activity to do with your partner. Head to a nearby Christmas tree farm. Plus, no one can resist the smell of pine on a winter day.

18. Make stockings

Sooooo, even in 2020, it’s probs not safe for Santa to be going from house to house and filling people’s stockings (le sigh). But that doesn’t mean you can’t still make some! Grab the glitter, glue, and get to crafting. If you want to be cutesy, make stockings for each other instead of for yourselves.

19. Take a virtual Christmas cooking class

If you and your partner aren’t the best in the kitchen, take advantage of the surge in virtual learning options and take an online cooking class. You can make a delicious Christmas dinner without leaving it too much to chance. And if all else fails, delivery is still a thing.

20. Have a snowball fight

Nothing says “I really like you” like launching a snowball at your sweetheart’s body. That’s just science.

21. Decorate a neighbor’s home

Do you have an older neighbor who may not be able to put lights up outside their house this year? Volunteer to do it for them. You and your partner will be helping someone out, all while bonding over the best way to make the house pop.

22. Make handmade Christmas cards

You might have a lot of relatives you can’t see this year for Christmas. What better way to spread holiday cheer than to send them hand-written letters? Bonus points: Make the date even more romantic by writing letters to each other.

23. Have an ugly sweater fashion show

Christmas is the only time of the year where you want to be wearing an ugly sweater. Take advantage and have an ugly sweater competition with your person. Tell them to find the ugliest sweater ahead of time and then unveil your atrocities together on Christmas day. (Don’t forget to commemorate the ugliness with an Instagram pic.)

      24. Have an indoor Christmas picnic

      Picnics are pretttty romantic as far as dates go, but considering it’ll probably be freezing outside wherever you are, they’re a little harder to pull off. So this year, opt for one inside: Lay down a Christmas-decorated blanket and have a cute basket of your favorite snacks. The indoors are the new outdoors.

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