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Doing the dishes isn’t the most fun way to spend time, but with Dawn Powerwash it seems like less of a chore. The spray activated dish soap makes cutting through grease and grime easier than ever before. Here’s why this popular Dawn product is a must in any kitchen.

1) It blasts away stuck on food without scrubbing.

From casserole crust at the bottom of a pan to sticky remnants of pies and pastries, Dawn Powerwash will help you cut through the most stubborn stuck on messes with a powerful all over spray that gives you maximum coverage. The suds activate on contact without water so the soap will save you some elbow grease while cutting through food grease.

2) It makes life without a dishwasher a little easier.

If you’re living in a home or apartment without a dishwasher, hand washing can become so tedious that you avoid cooking your favorite meals. Dawn Powerwash cuts down on the time needed to soak and rinse your dishes with grease cleaning power that works five times faster than non-Ultra Dawn. It also makes a boring task a little more interesting.

3) It’s not just for dishes.

The great thing about the Dawn Powerwash spray nozzle is that it makes using Dawn for just about any cleaning job easier. Use it to spot clean car upholstery, rinse away stains on your couch, or cut through the grime on your grill. You’ll probably want a bottle in your laundry room too to blast through grease stains on clothing.

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