35 Cute Thanksgiving Nail Art Designs That Will Make You Feel So ~Fall~

Nails are the unsung hero of the holiday season. They sparkle in the fluorescent kitchen lighting as you stir the mashed potatoes. They take a starring role in your obligatory Thanksgiving plate pic. And they’ll give your cousins something to stare at as you tell them a 37-minute-long story about the frat star who ghosted you but still watches all your Snap Stories. So, ya, you need to plan out some sickening nail art for November 26.

a hand holding a remote control: Rock some killer Thanksgiving nail art while you're reaching for that second piece of pie.

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Rock some killer Thanksgiving nail art while you’re reaching for that second piece of pie.

Just like your plate, these adorable nail designs come topped with turkey legs, whipped cream, and even a Pumpkin Spice Latte or two. If kitchy nails aren’t your thing, don’t worry: there’s also plenty of abstract nails and minimalist fall-inspired paint jobs that will look just as good. Get tons of holiday nail ideas with these elevated, but festive Thanksgiving manicures.

Tortoise Shell

The internet is currently obsessed with this manicure (seriously, just search the hashtag), which means it’s the perfect time to try it for yourself.

Creamy Blooms

Ok, I’m 100% copying this for my next manicure. These low-key neutrals are perfect for the whole month of November.

Caramel Plaid

Between the caramel highlights on your head and the caramel coffee in your cup, the shade a favorite for the Thanksgiving season.

Romantic Florals

A teeny pop of floral makes vampy oxblood nails look Thanksgiving appropriate.

Glitzy Leaves

This manicure is everything you love about fall painted onto ten fingers. Plus, the gold-accented party nail has teeny tiny leaves inside the nail itself.

Fall Spots

This matte, all-neutral design will take you through Thanksgiving and beyond. If you’re feeling a bit more festive, opt for brighter fall hues.

Abstract Neutrals

Even without over-the-top turkey art, these abstract nails still feel like Thanksgiving. Use taupes, browns, and burgundy shades to keep the fall vibe.


Sunflowers are a staple in most cornucopias, which makes them perfect choice for your holiday manicure.

Neon Ombre

Neons are trending in fashion, makeup, and nail art. Pop a highlighter orange on your nails for a chic update to a traditional fall color.

Tiny Slices

These nails have tiny pieces of pie drawn on them and for that, I am #thankful.

Copper Florals

If you’re over traditional Thanksgiving motifs, go for a floral print in festive fall colors like burgundy, bronze, and taupe.


These watercolor tips get a Thanksgiving upgrade with just one little feather stamp.

Leopard Print

Along with a good fall plaid, leopard spots are the unofficial print of the holiday season. They feel festive, but not overly so. Ya know?

Polka Dots and Stripes

Dots and stripes are a classic combo. Just add glitter and some autumn hues to make this nail art Turkey Day-appropriate.

Red Checks

Nothing represents the Thanksgiving season like a classic red flannel. Paint your nails to match the fall staple for a unique design that still feels festive.

Matte Pumpkin

This manicure screams “Thanksgiving” with zero nail art required. Pick a pumpkin-y shade of orange, then top with a silky matte topper. The finished look is chic enough for Turkey Day and beyond.

Pumpkin Pie and Whip

Honor the real MVP of Thanksgiving with this whipped cream-topped pumpkin pie mani.

Lil’ Turkeys

These 3D nails are the perfect way to rep the holiday mascot.

Pumpkin Patch

Yes, you can work glitter into your Thanksgiving outfit with this sparkly pumpkin art.

PSL Nails

My inner basic is FREAKING. OUT. over this adorable Pumpkin Spice Latte design.

Tressed Up Turkey

Add a pop of color to your traditional red and brown Thanksgiving nails with a rainbow-feathered turkey accent nail.

~Falling~ Leaves

An ombre gradient makes this simple fall mani look so chic.


Cocoa polishes are perfect for fall – just add glitter and teeny tiny leaves for a Thanksgiving-ready paint job.

Potluck Nails

Okay this nail art is legit making me hungry…

It’s Lit, Turkey Fam

This intricate mani is only for the Thanksgiving obsessed.


This holiday season, I’m thankful for very talented manicurists.

Fall AF

Studs, rhinestones, gold flakes, and a tiny turkey – these are the ultimate fall nails.

Fall Fox

If you’re on turkey overload, but are still looking for majorly extra fall nails, go for another cuddly creature: this lil fox.

Artsy Fall Colors

This negative space nail art gives off candy corn vibes, without looking tacky.

Corn Kernels

Tiny strokes of color turn coffin nails into festive ears of corn.

Neutral Gradient

These sleek gray nails are a great style for any holiday occasion, for those of us who prefer a more subdued design.

Festive Plaid

Plaid season is officially upon us! Wear your favorite flannel on your nails for an unexpectedly cool mani.

Neutral Glitter

This sparkly nail art comes with all the Thanksgiving fixins: pumpkins and pie.

Minimalist Pumpkins

Simplistic nail art with a tiny hint of fall…. *chef kiss*.

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