49ers may need to find a new stadium for December home games as Santa Clara County halts all sports

NFL: SEP 13 Cardinals at 49ers
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The San Francisco 49ers will now need to search for a new home venue after Santa Clara Country, where Levi’s Stadium resides, issues new COVID-19 regulations that include the temporary ban on all high school, collegiate, and professional sports. This mandate will go into effect over the next three weeks, which falls under two home games for the 49ers — Dec. 7 (vs. Buffalo) and Dec. 13 (vs. Washington). Of course, this also impacts where the Niners can practice on top of where their games will be played. 

This comes in the aftermath of California experiencing its worst surge of COVID-19 yet. San Francisco and San Mateo counties have also rolled out similar restrictions, which start to limit the nearby options for the 49ers as they continue to search for a new place to play its games. Under Santa Clara County’s new restrictions, a 14-day quarantine is required for all those traveling to and from the country from more than 150 miles away, which Buffalo and Washington certainly fall under. 

“I know this is not what any of us want to hear, nor is this situation one any of us want to be in, but here we are,” said Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody, via The Mercury News

According to Nick Wagoner of ESPN, the 49ers would not be subject to the 14-day quarantine upon their return from Los Angeles on Sunday night as the guidelines put forth by Santa Clara County don’t take effect until Monday. 

As the rest of the country deals with the COVID-19 surge, the NFL has not been able to hide from the pandemic either. A number of teams, including the Steelers, Ravens, and Colts, have recently battled with positive COVID-19 tests popping up all over their respective organization and, in the case of Steelers-Ravens, their game needed to be rescheduled twice. The league also sent out a memo to all 32 clubs informing them that all in-person activities will be halted on Monday, Nov. 30 and Tuesday, Dec. 1 to try and limit the number of positive tests that could come out of the Thanksgiving holiday. 

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