$5 million Goshen Theater renovation project completed

Work is done on a $5 million renovation project for the historic Goshen Theater. It could reopen this year, with limited venues.

The Goshen Theater now has a new look inside and out. Renovation work was just completed to renovate and preserve its 115-year-old heritage.

“It is an amazing feeling to have this renovation project completed,” said Theater Managing Director Amber Burgess. “It’s been 18 months of construction and years of planning previous to that. We are really happy to have a space that is more adaptable more usable and comfortable.”

It includes a number of new amenities, including an elevator.

“My favorite thing that we have done to make it a more usable space is the elevator. Obviously, it makes it a lot more convenient for people to use the entire venue, including our third floor ballroom.”

They’ll also have more bathrooms.

A lot of things have been streamlined in the lobby area, which previously was very narrow.

“We’ve knocked out a couple of walls to take over two of the store fronts on either side of what once was the original Goshen theatre store front, and we also made the old lobby space a lot more spacious. A brand new bar, a concession area, a new box office.”

In the auditorium, a number of things have taken place. New seating has been added, along with new lighting and audio. A major upgrade was made to the video components, all in an effort to make the patrons’ visit more relaxing and enjoyable.

They’re now looking to get back in business and following pandemic protocols.

“The plan at this point is to, through the end of the year, open it up to smaller events or private rentals if a corporation or company locally wanted to do a Christmas party, where we did a socially distanced movie screening, small meetings or events,” said Burgess.

They will not resume their proper, large-scale programming until 2021.

Plans still call for the installation of a new film projector and adding more dressing room space under the stage.

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