50 Easy Cookie Decorating Ideas

Christmas Star Cookies


To our family, the holiday season is time for time honored traditions, and making new ones as time goes on. One of my favorite Christmas time traditions over the last few years has been  watching all the baking competition shows with my oldest son. We love seeing the creations these talented bakers can dream up, with gingerbread and cookie dough. Christmas cookies have truly become a canvas for confectionery artists to show off their skills, but guess what? You too can create cookie magic at home with these 50 easy cookie decorating ideas that simplify the seemingly complicated process with some good old tricks of the trade!

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I will fully admit: I am not a great baker. But even I’m confident I could pull off a few of these beautiful and yummy cookies. Plus, there are plenty of simple ones the kids would love to help with, and that is what holiday baking is really about. Spending time with our loved ones, in the kitchen, or sharing what we create. So, in the end if your cookie creations don’t turn out 100% perfect, it’s okay! The memories mean more.

Launch the gallery to find some of the most beautiful, not to mention tasty, Christmas cookies around. Instagram cookie queen Amber Spiegel is sharing her Christmas Scene Cookie, Christmas Cookie Box and Christmas Plaque Cookies. There are also super cute Barn Door Cookies, Nutter Butter Reindeer and Snow Mitten Christmas Cookies. With so many recipes to choose from, there is definitely a little something for everyone—and your skill level.

With these 50 cookie inspirations, you can make this year’s Christmas cookie plate your most delicious and impressive yet! These are perfect for not only treating your family, but gifting to all the special people in your life.

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