7 Tips for Buying a Home Near the Water

“Some beaches in upscale communities and neighborhoods tend to get busy with people who don’t live there, which can mean loud noise and crowds,” Mr. Sroka said.

Lakefront properties are generally more private and usually in neighborhoods or communities with limited public access.

Consider Health and Cleanliness Standards and Privacy

Health and security are important when buying a waterfront home.

If you’re looking at residences in a resort community with a hotel, you have access to amenities, including restaurants and a pool, but community living comes with more people and common spaces. Mr. Filopoulos said some resorts allowed outsiders to access these amenities for a fee to generate revenue. Ideally, he said, the community should have a private beach for residents.

Also, find out about health and cleaning protocols. Common spaces should be cleaned multiple times a day, and beach furniture and toys should be cleaned and disinfected each time they’re used. Hand sanitizers and masks should be readily available, and staff members should be wearing masks. They should also have temperature checks daily before being allowed to work and be required to have regular Covid-19 testing.

How Swimmable is the Body of Water?

A waterfront property doesn’t mean you can actually swim in the water, said Mr. Llach, of Dominican Republic Sotheby’s realty. “In some bodies of water, the ebb and flow of the tide create conditions that are challenging for even the most experienced of swimmers,” he said. If taking a dip is important to you, look for a property near light water currents that accommodate swimming.

Be Aware of the Change in Water Levels

It’s important to ensure that the body of water you’re near has somewhat constant levels of water. With beachfront purchases, Mr. Sroka suggested visiting during high and low tides. With some high-tide properties, the water can come very close to the home, leaving it susceptible to flooding. Low tide, on the other hand, can make for an unattractive view of dirt, debris and litter.

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