A dog walked over two weeks, 60 miles to return home: China

This pooch was homeward bound.

A golden retriever named Ping An (or “safe” in Chinese) walked for 62 miles over a period of two weeks to the city of Qidong. The New York Post reports that Ping An’s family had left the 1-year-old dog with friends outside the city during their home’s remodeling. Ping An escaped after having been separated from them for too long, and made her way back home.

Ping An was discovered wandering around outside of an office building last Monday. She was treated for injuries and fed after her long journey. According to the Daily Mail, those who rescued Ping An stated she appeared “quite depressed after she was unable to find her owners.”

Those who discovered the pooch posted pictures of her on the Chinese social media platform, WeChat, in an effort to catch the attention of her owners. Her owners recognized her within a day of the posts, and Ping An and her family were reunited at last.

This isn’t the first time a dog has trekked across long distances in order to find someone or something that they hold dear.

The New York Post reported another story about a 4-year-old Labrador named Cleo who made a similarly extensive trip. Cleo walked 60 miles from Olathe, Ks. to Lawson, Ms. to visit her old home. Although Cleo’s family had moved two years prior, the Lab was able to somehow cross one of the states’ rivers to recline on the home’s front porch, where the current family were surprised to find her.

Cleo, too, was returned to her owners, and hasn’t appeared to have attempted another journey back since.

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