Building back better in South Korea with green, digital tech | South Korea News

South Korea wants to become a leader in next-generation cars, healthcare and low-emission technologies to grow its economy.

South Korea aims to focus on green and digital industries as it looks to boost its standing in the global economy, according to a senior policy maker working on next year’s economic plan.

The government is putting together a list of industrial priorities that would raise the economy’s growth potential, while taking advantage of a speedier-than-expected recovery from the pandemic, Lee Hyoung-il, director general at the finance ministry’s policy bureau, said in a phone interview.

“We should use this opportunity to rebuild the economy into one that leads others,” he said, in a remark echoing Joe Biden’s call to “build back better” the U.S. economy. “Going digital and green is of the essence,” Lee said.

Future cars, biohealth, system semiconductors and low-carbon emission industries are among the industries the government will focus

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