Madden 21 Gameplay Video Features Bucs Vs. Patriots And Visual Improvements

EA never released next-gen Madden 21 gameplay pre-release.

Instead, they made the game available a day early for fans who owned the current-gen version, or who subscribed to EA Play .

I’ve been playing the upgraded version of Madden 21, and I’m putting together a full review of the game. The video below offers a solid look at the visual upgrades, which aren’t especially noticeable in straight gameplay, but are more recognizable on closeups. It also shows off some of the enhancements in EA’s Living World concept.

Take a look at this matchup between Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Cam Newton and the New England Patriots.

Things you won’t see in this video are as followed: Bill Belichick (he still can’t be used in a video game), updated Cam Newton hairstyle (it’s still the same Phase-2 version of his current style), and

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