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If a room has a fireplace, it is typically the focal point of the room. Update the fireplace with contemporary touches to enhance visual interest. When contemplating redecoration, consider the overall style of the room and the most practical use for the fireplace. Some fireplaces are purely decorative and do not have the ability to safely contain a fire.


Update a fireplace with a coat of paint that is not the typical white, gray or wood-grain color. Clean and smooth the surface of the fireplace before applying a coat of paint. Use paint that is complementary to the paint on the walls. On the color wheel, used by interior designers and do-it-yourself homeowners, complementary colors are directly opposite from one another. For a more contemporary look, consider metallic colors like bronze or silver to act as an updated neutral. Another option is to use the fireplace as a miniature accent wall. In that case, use a vibrant color to draw even more attention to the fireplace.

New Mantel

Install a sleek new mantel to give a fireplace a contemporary look. Fireplace Mantels Guide notes that even though fireplace mantels are frequently overlooked during interior design projects, the fireplace mantel greatly contributes to the overall look of a room. Home improvement retailers, flea markets and estate sales are all potential sources for fireplace mantels. Consider painting the mantel a different color than the face of the fireplace or using a different paint technique such glazing or gilding.


Use tiles to give a fireplace texture and a more contemporary look. Small tiles with iridescent or metallic hues offer a hint of sparkle. Go beyond square tiles and consider different shapes such as diamonds and triangles. Tiles made of slate, granite, marble, glass or ceramic are all options for fireplace tiles. Select the tile that best embodies the color and texture you wish to create for the fireplace. Apartment Therapy, a website dedicated to interior design, showcases a contemporary fireplace that has tiles that look like wallpaper. For an edgier look, use different color, but complementary, tiles on each side of the fireplace, and in the middle use a color tile that is the rough equivalent of combining the two colors on either side.

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