Country Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 11 Foot Ceilings | Home Guides

Give your current kitchen a farm-fresh decorating boost by outfitting it with simple country-inspired decor. Even though 11-foot ceilings can present an additional remodeling challenge, you can use their soaring height to your decorating advantage when designing a new layout for your country-style kitchen. Whether you want to make only a few cosmetic updates or you’re planning a complete makeover, create a kitchen to suit your love for the country, as well as the available space.

Color Me Beautiful

Country-style kitchens and white-painted cabinets go hand in hand. Add a distressed, weathered finish and black wrought-iron hardware to your white kitchen cabinets for an authentic old farmhouse feel. Apply similar white paint to the walls and 11-foot ceilings to magnify the open, airy ambiance. Or, install embossed tin panels over the tall ceilings to draw your eyes upward with country-inspired visual interest. If you prefer a hint of color, choose a light, cheery paint color, such as creamy ivory, pale yellow or soft sage green to the walls for a country-fresh, bright kitchen. Give the illusion of lower ceilings and a cozier space by painting the ceiling two or three shades lighter than the wall color.

Reach for the Top

Put the extra wall space provided by 11-foot ceilings to work for you in your country kitchen remodel. Extend the existing cabinets almost all the way to the ceiling to supply additional storage space for seasonal dishes and other seldom-used kitchen items. Install a wooden library ladder with quaint country appeal that also allows you to quickly retrieve items from the uppermost cabinets. Add decorative crown molding between the highest cabinets and the ceiling to dress up the tall ceilings with a touch of country sophistication. Exchange a few existing solid cabinet doors for glass replacements to offer a clear view of your favorite country-inspired dishware.

Beam Me Up, Scotty

Install white beams against a white ceiling and cabinetry to create a cohesive, fresh look that is bright and open. Use brown beams instead of white ones to visually lower the ceiling for a cozier ambiance. Or, add rustic charm with eco-friendly vibes to your entire ceiling when you cover it with reclaimed wooden planks from an old barn or pasture fence. You can increase a kitchen’s visual interest by suspending oversize chrome pendant lights from the beams above a kitchen island to update the space with country-inspired lighting that delivers a modern twist.

You’re Breaking Up

Use color, texture and architectural features to help break up the open areas in a kitchen with lofty ceilings for a more inviting feel. Install glass block windows along the upper perimeter of a solid kitchen wall to break up the space with increased visual interest, as well as providing an additional source of cheery natural light. Install wide-planked wooden floors with a dark stain to help ground a light-colored kitchen with quaint country style. Construct a peninsula between an open-concept kitchen and living area to visually divide the two spaces. Incorporate contrasting colors and a variety of textures to help break up the space in a country-style kitchen with tall ceilings. For example, top white beadboard kitchen cabinets with black soapstone countertops.

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