Dazzling Interior Design Ideas in Eclectic Style from Italian Rugs Company Creators

Bright interior design, filled with whimsical items, artworks, thoughtful details, offer fabulous inspirations for those who want to integrate everything they have into their home decor. These dazzling interior design ideas are eclectic, creative, fun, and outrageous, perfect for us who love to mix all we have at home.

The famous cc-tapis brand’s creators envisioned these bright home interiors and designed a bold mix of stylish, artistic, and playful items. The extraordinary interior design reflects the ideas that inspire unique handmade rugs and vibrant color combinations. Designer rugs influenced the landscape of the colorful room.

Brave combinations of materials, eclectic interiors

Eclectic interior design with vintage decor

Modern kitchens and dining room decorating in eclectic styles

Eclectic interior design

Colorful wall decoration, unique accents, beautiful bedroom design

Every corner in this vibrant and cheerful home is exciting. Every inch of the walls shows something interesting. Vintage posters, black and white photographs, unique artworks, crafts, and sentimental items blend into eye-catching, impressive rooms.

Exciting interior design in eclectic style

Reclaimed materials in eclectic interiors

The vivid personality of modern interiors in eclectic style

The color scheme plays with rich tones and bold shades. Beautiful wallpapers catch attention showing off large exotic prints. Unusual and modern interior design ideas in the eclectic style are provoking and exciting. It is a brave attempt to mix-and-match all we love in one place.

Dazzling living room design, vibrant wall decoration

Creative book storage ideas

The dining room and kitchen in eclectic style

Italy map, wall decoration

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