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The autumn wind is knocking on the window, the leaves are circling in the street. Instead of picnics and country trips, we have more and more free time at home. It can be the perfect time for decorating the interior. If you haven’t done so already, our ideas can inspire, suggest how to quickly and easily give it an autumn shade.

Which decor to choose? It depends on the style of your home and on what autumn elements you would like to add to the existing interior.

Dried leaves and branches, wreaths, berries, moss, fruits, pumpkins, a variety of nuts, chestnuts, corn-all these things will create a warm ambiance. The artificial version will be much easier to use, but will never replace the aesthetics and charm of the natural.


It is worth paying attention to the design of the hallway. You can add some village motives, the theme of gifts of autumn. Consider using items such as burlap, a plank box filled with cotton twigs, spools of coarse, thick thread, picking baskets filled with pine cones.

Dining room

Place an old tool tray in the center of the table, filled with freshly cut hydrangeas and white pumpkins, so that the breath of autumn is always felt. And complete with a pair of candlesticks, in which instead of candles there are small pumpkins.

Living room

The fireplace is one of the main elements of the living room, a cozy place for a family vacation. It gives warmth and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the house. Its decoration does not require much effort and time. Artificial pumpkins of different shapes and finishes (a wide variety of fabrics and knitted ornaments can be applied to them) are neatly laid out or arranged, figurines of forest dwellers, a wreath of cones, and an artificial twig with leaves complete the decoration. A successful composition that does not require additional care and attention.

If you do not like natural pumpkins, then you can also use a plush version or pillow covers with images of pumpkins or fall foliage, and a bouquet of fresh flowers in autumn colors on a coffee table can become a pearl of your living room.

Maybe you don’t like too much autumn-themed decor in the house, then think about the option of a simple autumn bouquet and a vase with seasonal fruits on a dresser or console. Several tastefully selected accents can perfectly update the interior of your home. Simple, laconic and you can feel the passage of time, the change of seasons.

Another inspiring thing will be a spacious coffee table in the living room with the vibrant fall decor. Coffe tables, by the way, are a perfect place for the decor elements for each season, and they play not only a decorative role but also a functional one(for keeping books, magazines, cups, and other tableware). So if you don’t have a coffee table you can think about purchasing one and the best way to do it is to search for it online. Nyfurnitureoutlets is one of the best online shops that has a wide assortment of furniture designs.

The perfect touch of autumn and fine idea for your coffee table will be A burlap-trimmed tray with candles, a large orange pumpkin, small vases of red berries, and two square glass vases filled with wine corks. An interesting detail – the books on the tray can be wrapped in burlap, but also it can be any fabric with a pattern of autumn motives.

Perhaps you prefer a more modern, sophisticated theme. If so, choose white or metallic pumpkins, try adding handwritten inscriptions or poems in fall style on a piece of paper and inserted into a photo frame, add candlesticks for atmosphere, and a couple of bouquets of dry ears of wheat to the composition.


In the bedroom, a few touches are enough to give the room a new look. The velvet-covered pumpkins have a nice luxurious look, a bunch of dried flowers or twigs, and a garland to let in a little “sun” warmth and light.

The decor variations are endless, if you have the time and mood, start decorating your fantasies and ideas, it’s so exciting.

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