Enclave Announces The First Wireless Home Cinema Speakers To Get Roku TV Certification

Good news for owners of Roku TV models. Enclave, the manufacturer of the CineHome wireless audio products for home entertainment has announced that its CineHome II and CineHome PRO systems are now “Roku TV Ready” and available to all US-based customers. The Enclave CineHome PRO and CineHome II are the first “Roku TV Ready” devices to be enabled and can deliver dedicated 5.1 surround sound. 

Products certified as Roku TV Ready have all been tested and certified to work properly with Roku TV models, offering easier setup, on-screen access to sound settings, plus volume control using a single remote. When connected to a Roku TV, the Enclave Audio CineHome PRO and CineHome II wireless surround sound systems are automatically identified, and speaker setup and calibration tools appear directly on the Roku TV screen which can be accessed using the Roku remote. All that’s required to augment the Roku TV with an Enclave CineHome audio system is one HDMI cable.

A complete 5.1 CineHome system can be set up quickly and easily for multi-channel surround sound. Each CineHome speaker system features three wireless front speakers (left, right, and center), two wireless rear speakers (left and right), plus a wireless subwoofer to deliver the thuds and grunts of a great movie soundtrack. The Enclave CineHub at the heart of all Enclave CineHome system features Dolby Audio, DTS Digital Surround, Uncompressed PCM and supports eARC, ARC, optical, Bluetooth and analog inputs. Enclave says that the result for the listener is sparkling high-definition audio across a 360° field of true wireless surround.  

Enclave CineHome wireless systems don’t need cables trailing all around the living room and support 24-bit high-definition audio with low latency and less than a microsecond of synchronization between all the speakers. This means that, when an actor’s lips move, they synchronize perfectly with the sound coming out of every speaker to match the TV image. And for home cinema buffs who want the ultimate surround-sound experience, the Enclave CineHome PRO can deliver 5.4 channel THX-Certified audio. 

More info: You can find out more about Enclave CineHome Roku TV Certified systems by visiting the company’s website at www.enclaveaudio.com

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