Enjoy home improvement sans stress with this skilled Texas company

Staying home more this year has caused many of us to look around and think, “I should really tackle that project I’ve been putting off.” Some are also thinking, “I need a creative gift for the holiday season” and enter Brixos, the modernized way to do home improvement and get things done.

Whether it’s fixing the air conditioner, remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, adding a study, hanging your holiday lights, hiring a handyman for a few hours, or even adding a custom addition, Brixos can do it for you.

Brixos works with vetted professional contractors to ensure every job is finished to perfection. After receiving your project request through app.brixos.com, their team reviews your request and sends a bid estimate based on average industry pricing.

From there, Brixos works closely with homeowners on the design of their space, then manages the work from start to finish. All you have to do is approve your project plans and enjoy the results.

And though home improvement projects are famously pricey, Brixos is upfront and transparent about pricing from the start. Their custom software and comprehensive database build the quotes, ensuring standard industry pricing so that you never overpay.

They also only use the highest quality materials — no cutting corners here. Same goes for the customer service, which grants you 24/7 access to the Brixos team for anything you need or questions you might have. Call them, text them, email them — they’ll answer, and quickly. 

You can even use the Brixos app to quickly submit a job, if on-the-go is your style. However you want to reach out, they love chatting with their homeowners and are excited to discuss projects.

If you’re ready to start a project, big or small, mention CultureMap and get $100 off your first project over $500. Know someone who is in need of some home improvement this holiday season? Give them the gift of loving their home with a Brixos gift card.

Learn more at brixos.com or submit a request and let Brixos do it for you.

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