Galaxy Fold latest update adds improvements from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Samsung released its first-ever smartphone with a flexible display in 2019. The Galaxy Fold had a rocky launch due to several problems that plagued review units that were sent to journalists. With the release of the Galaxy Z Fold, it appears the manufacturer might have finally addressed some issues with the foldable panel and its durability. This was followed by the Galaxy Z Fold2, which is a major upgrade over its predecessor. Now, it appears some features of the latter are on its way to the first-generation device.

When it comes to post-launch support, the South Korean company’s track record has noticeably improved over the years. From flagship, mid-range, and entry-level models, consumers can expect timely updates and bug fixes from the manufacturer. Thus, it has apparently revisited the Galaxy Fold in an effort to enhance the experience for people who stuck with the original. As detailed by Samsung, users will soon be able to use the main imaging units to take better selfies.