Garmin smartwatches get a new pregnancy tracking feature

Garmin Pregnancy Tracking

  • Garmin has introduced a new pregnancy tracking feature.
  • It will give you a snapshot of your pregnancy on the Garmin Connect app and your smartwatch.
  • It’ll also help moms track their daily symptoms, baby’s movements, and more.

Women’s health tracking features on most smartwatches are restricted to period tracking, but Garmin is now doing you one better. The company has introduced a new pregnancy tracking feature on some of its most popular wearables, including the Garmin Venu, Vivoactive, Forerunner, Fenix, and Vivomove series.

Although there are many pregnancy tracking apps out there, Garmin is the first fitness brand to marry the feature with a smartwatch. It’s designed to track a pregnancy from start to finish, straight from your wrist.

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Some of the key benefits of Garmin’s pregnancy tracking feature include the ability to track your baby’s progress on a timeline, track daily symptoms, log your baby’s movements inside your belly, track trimester dates, get hydration and nutrition tips, and more. Check out the video below to learn more about how the feature works.

When the time comes for your baby to be born, you can even track the duration and frequency of your contractions via the Contraction Timer Connect IQ app on your smartwatch.

You can activate pregnancy tracking from the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone. You’ll find settings for it within the menstrual cycle tracking feature on the app. To get it on your smartwatch, you can download it from the Connect IQ store on all the aforementioned Garmin smartwatches, except the Vivomove series. The latter will get it through the women’s health tracking widget.

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