‘Genshin Impact’ Controversial Resin Confirmed To Get Improvements


  • “Genshin Impact” A New Star Approaches update would reintroduce improvements to the game’s Resin
  • The update is scheduled to arrive on Nov 11
  • Update 1.2 is set to introduce the Dragonspine Mountains

Chinese gaming studio miHoYo confirmed earlier that the forthcoming update in “Genshin Impact” would introduce improvements to the controversial Resin along with new features, characters, items and a lot more surprises.

The studio reportedly confirmed to PC Gamer that the forthcoming Nov 11 update would introduce improvements to the game’s Resin. According to the report, the total amount of Resin that players could store at one time would be increased. Meanwhile,  miHoYo allegedly lowered the total amount of required Resin spending every week that “Genshin Impact” players need to complete a weekly quest.

The forthcoming “Genshin Impact” patch 1.1 was leaked on Reddit on Oct. 20. It claimed that the game would soon introduce a new type of Resin called Condensed Resin. With this, players unable to use their Resin for the day could briefly log in and save it for another day.

Genshin Impact Genshin Impact – State of Play Gameplay Trailer | PS4 Photo: Genshin Impact/YouTube Screenshot

While these improvements are interesting, it appears that these do not address the main concerns of “Genshin Impact” players. Since the game was launched in September, players have been complaining about the slow regeneration of Resin. Others dislike that the currency is spent too quickly and several others feel that it is too limiting.

“Genshin Impact” players are looking for ways to get more Resin without spending real money. According to miHoYo, the feedback has been in line with what it was anticipating before the game was officially released. Aside from Resin, the gaming studio mentioned to the publication that it is also improving the game’s co-op, which is currently restricted.

About the issue with microtransactions, miHoYo said that at the moment it has no plans to implement or introduce any forms of microtransactions in the game. “Genshin Impact” is getting a lot of major improvements in update 1.1 arriving on Nov 11. Among these is the introduction of four new  characters, a new reputation system with unique rewards and the conclusion of the first story chapter.

Six weeks after the rollout of A new Star Approaches update, “Genshin Impact” would receive update 1.2. The said update would apparently open a totally new region called Dragonspine Mountains. The game’s third major update is scheduled to arrive in February.

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