Get to know the ideal temperature for red wine in a cellar

So you love collecting and savouring red wine. Perhaps you are even building a cellar in your home to store all your favourite vintages. However, one issue you need to consider is the optimal storage temperature to ensure that your wine does not lose its vivacity. Wine producers often disclose the ideal storage temperature for particular vintages and types of wines. To make life easier one can acquire a specially designed wine cooler to do the job just right. Getting the best wine cooler will require some research and scrutinising online reviews. This will provide insight into the quality of the products available. One way of doing this research efficiently is to establish what the ideal temperature for red wine or white wine is. Then you would find the best wine cooler to suit your needs. This will ensure you purchase a reputable cooler that will keep your wine just right.

What is a wine cooler?

A  wine cooler is essentially a refrigerator designed to store wine. Unlike other types of beverages, wine must be refrigerated at higher temperatures. The need for a separate refrigerator is because high temperatures are no good for your foodstuffs and likewise, low temperatures are no good for your wine! Obviously, the space you have available impacts the size of the wine cooler you install – freestanding or built-in. Furthermore,  most wine coolers have different cooling systems. Depending on the space available you may use a smaller thermo-electric cooler or a larger, compressor cooler.  As such, choosing a wine cooler will require a cool head, independent research and an understanding of what your storage space enables you to do.

What is the ideal temperature for red wine?

The ideal temperature for red wine is between 10 to 18 degrees celsius for full-bodied and light red wine. Other factors that affect wine storage are the age of the wine, the vibration frequency of the storage unit, and ensuring bottles are stored horizontally. For instance, older vintage red wine will be stored at higher temperatures, whilst newer wines will be stored at colder temperatures. To ensure your wine is stored correctly, consult the relevant winemaker and see their ideal red wine temperature. As such for red wine, you will want the wine cooler which can offer a more versatile storage range. Furthermore, you must ensure that your fridge has a low vibration frequency. This is because higher vibration frequencies can cause the wine to oxidise at an accelerated rate, thereby ruining excellent vintages.

How to achieve the ideal temperature for red wine in a cellar

Firstly, establish the space you have available. Perhaps you can only fit in a smaller wine cooler. As such, you will probably need a freestanding wine cooler. If you have a larger space, you probably design a built-in wine cooler to better use the larger space you have available. Secondly, choose the wine cooler best suited for your needs – one that caters to the ideal temperature of red wine and does not vibrate too much. Thirdly, ensure that you set the wine cooler to the correct temperature. Finally, pack your bottles horizontally and watch your collection thrive!