Gift ideas for dads & boyfriends

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It’s that time of year again, Christmas is just around the corner and you’ve probably begun making your way through your gifting list.

If, like a great many of us, you’re leaving the men in your life for last on account of having no idea what to get them, allow us to point you in the right direction.
Here are our picks for best Christmas gifts for him – dad, boyfriend, husband, son – no matter his lifestyle or interests.

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle, Amazon, $80.11

If your man likes to get out and about in the wild as often as possible, gift this brilliant water bottle with filtering straw, which will allow him to safely hydrate from the creeks and streams he encounters. A hollow fibre membrane filter removes bacteria and protozoa; while a two-stage carbon filter reduces carbon and odour. As if the promise of hydration no matter where in the rainforest he wanders wasn’t good enough of a gift, LifeStraw gives a child from a developing country safe drinking water for an entire school year with every one purchased.


Nike By You, Nike, $160 – $410

Nike By You allows sneakerheads to customise some of Nike’s most iconic sneaker styles, from across lifestyle, running, basketball, training and beyond. Customise everything from the silhouette to colours of the sole, trim and all – no doubt he’ll love that there’ll be no one else in the workd with the exact same kicks as him.


Aesop Seasonal Gift Kits, Aesop, $67

No doubt you’re already a devotee of Aesop’s range of luxious, native-infused, vegan skincare and home products. Allow the man in your life to indulge in some self-care – which, let’s face it, considering the year it’s been, we could all do with – and gift him one of these five special gift packs.

Choose from kits like the skin balance-restoring The Metaphysical Voyager, to the elevated daily skincare in The Lore Collector. Each gift pack comes with complimentary literary works through a QR code – he need only scan it to read or listen to works from writers such as Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis to Lafcadio Hearn. Truly, these decadent products and complimentary literature discoveries are the ideal gift for the luxury-loving men in your life.



Smart Watch Stainless Steel Wristband, Amazon, $37.50+

If he’s still wearing the silicone band that came with his Apple Watch, and it clearly looks out of place with the rest of his personal style, give him the aesthetic of his old analog watches (without the need to sacrifice the convenience of his smart one) with this stainless steel chain watch strap. Compatible with a range of Apple Watch series, this classic design comes with all the tools necessary to remove or add links. Not sure about the two-tone design? Discover other finishes he might prefer here.
Does he not have an Apple Watch yet? Go in with your group of friends or family and get him the Apple Watch (Series 3) here.


RENPHO, Eye Massager, Amazon, $84.99

With over 3,400 reviews and just shy of a five-star rating, you know that this eye massager will deliver total relaxation to its recipient – perfect for the days following the chaos of Christmas. Choose between kneading, trigger point therapy, oscillating pressure and rhythmic percussion massagings – and most excitingly, in my opinion, heated technology, which will soothe and depuff overworked and tired eyes. Easily portable thanks to a foldable design, the man in your life will have the option of using this wherever a headache strikes – and thanks to in-built speakers, can play included nature sounds or any favoured playlist he chooses, thanks to Bluetooth capabilities.


Replica Football Shirts, JD Sports Australia, $40-210

We are currently in the middle of the 29th season of the English Premier League, and if the man in your life is currently yelling in support of his team in outdated gear, surprise him on Christmas morning with his team’s 2020/21 home shirt design. From the white-sleeved Adidas Arsenal FC shirt to the turquoise-detailed Nike Liverpool one, this is one gift you know your soccer – or is it football? – crazed man will get good use from.


Refinery & Co 1.1L Jumbo Flask, Myer, $34.95

Though your father or partner may have outgrown most of his party animal tendencies – or so you hope – there’s no season like the Christmas holidays to partake in some (responsible) merriment. Give him this comically large, stainless steel flask with a leak-proof screw lid with which to pour everyone’s drink on Boxing Day – and on the occasional sneaky Saturday session.


Lodge Cast Iron Pan, Amazon, $17.99+

There’s a reason why avid cooks and professional chefs swear by a cast iron pan. Excellent and even heat retention, durable and versatile, your man will swear he’s never had a better steak than the one he cooks on this marvel.
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Available in several sizes – suitable for a single morning egg to a meal fit for a family – this particular design has the option of lips on either side for easy pouring, or a grip on the opposite end from the handle on bigger sizes.



D. O. N Issue #2 Shoes, Adidas, $180

This latest collaboration from NBA superstar and legend in the making, Utah Jazz shooting guard Donovan Mitchell, is the perfect for both the basketball enthusiast and style conscious man in your life. Constructed with a lightweight mesh upper for breathability; maximum cushioning and flexibility of the midsole; and a durable rubber outsole designed for traction, this basketball shoe is made to play his best games in – and with a playful and attractive design, to wear off the court as well.


Instant Pot Duo Nova, Amazon, $189+

I, a reluctant and time-poor home cook, will readily recommend the Instant Pot to anyone who loves a tasty meal – but not the effort it can take to cook and clean up after preparing one. I’m not alone in my assessment – with over 400 reviews, it is sitting just shy of a five-star rating. One reviewer said, “ … it is one of the best purchases I have made for my kitchen to-date! It now has a permanent fixture on my kitchen bench and I use it daily!”

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No matter the dish – stew, soup, chilli, rice and more – this multi-use cooker will make it to perfection, timing and temperature no longer factors that the man in your life need worry about. Cooking poultry up to 70 per cent faster than traditional methods – even when frozen – your purchase will also come with a complementary app full of 1,000 recipes, so he needn’t ever waste time wondering what to cook for dinner.


Vinturi Spirit Aerator, Myer, $69.95

“I’ve been a keen collector of gin over the past two years now and this product has been wonderful for my gin cocktails.” If, like this reviewer, the man in your life loves nothing more than a glass of gin or whisky at the end of a long day, make sure he gets the most from his spirits with this aerator. Built from a sturdy acrylic, this tear-shaped aerator is fitted with a built-in jigger, measuring lines and a button to release its newly-aerated, smoother contents into the nearest glass, come Christmas dinner.


Kindle (10th Gen), Amazon, $139

The latest generation of Kindles makes it easier for the reader in your life to consume bestsellers and latest releases, no matter the time of day. With a 167 PPI glare-free, adjustable, touchscreen display that reads like real paper – even when lying on the beach in direct sunlight – he needn’t stop for fear of a headache right before reaching the climax of a plot. Built with 4GB storage, it holds thousands of titles and lasts weeks on a single charge. As far as Christmas gifts for dads go, this is the top of the tier.

If he already has an e-reader he loves, why not get him several months’ worth of a Kindle Unlimited subscription? He’ll get over a million titles and thousands of audiobooks. Plus, it’s free for 30 days, then only $13.99 each month thereafter.



Gift-giving is strongly tied to the Christian holiday of Christmas. It is because upon His birth, Jesus is said to have been visited by the Three Wise Men – or the Magi – who presented the newborn with gifts; and so Christians replicate the gesture as part of tradition. Many participate in Christmas celebrations and gift-giving today who are not Christian – instead, it is seen as an opportunity to be with loved ones, and through presents, show gratitude and love for friends and family.


There are two widely-accepted theories as to where the term ‘Boxing Day’ originates from: the first, is that it started in the 1800s, when the affluent would give their servants the day off after Christmas festivities, often sending them away with a box of small gifts and leftover food. The second is that like the holiday it succeeds, Boxing Day has its origins in Christianity, and references the almsgiving plate passed around church services, the contributions of which were handed out on the feast of St Stephen’s – December 26.

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