Grant to help struggling American Canyon households with home down payments, repairs | Local News

In 2016, $1 million was awarded, of which $650,000 helped five households buy homes and $350,000 helped repair seven homes and three remain in progress, Clark said.

The 2019 HOME program awarded the City $1 million, for which $650,000 was allocated for first-time home buyers and $350,000 for repairs, she said.

For some of American Canyon’s lowest income senior residents, this kind of help could mean the difference between living safely, or not. Yvonne Baginski, who founded the Napa-based nonprofit, Share the Care, tries to help low-income seniors get the repairs they need to stay in their homes.

“For some people it could mean having a working bathroom, or air conditioning or heat,” she said. “I had a woman in a mobile home park who had no heat for three years. We had one that the floor had rotted all the way through, and we’ve had problems getting the funds for help.

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“Often, several people are living in mobile homes built in the 60s and 70s, and are in bad shape. Also, there are a lot with leaky roofs, when the seams start to come apart with age.”

Baginski’s group is usually able to make only small repairs with its limited funding, she said.

The state’s Department of Housing and Community Development HOME Program provides funds for down payment assistance to lower-income residents to purchase their first home and for lower-income homeowner residents to make home repairs, Cooper said.

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