Halloween recipes and ideas for spooky fun at home

For those of us who like to attend or throw festive Halloween gatherings, the answer may be a tiny, spooky little dinner party at home. Whether you have kids, roommates or enough backyard space for a safe gathering, a little festive flair can go a long way.

Get creative: Any red sauce — savory or sweet — is blood, capers are mysterious eggs, and spaghetti is worms. Here are a few more tasty ideas we scared up for this year’s holiday.

Feetloaf, pictured above. It’s back and it’s ready to haunt your nightmares — forever! That’s right, ’tis the season for feetloaf, a meatloaf shaped like a severed foot that so many people would dearly love to forget forever. All you need to do to make this hideous creation is double the recipe for this chicken meatloaf, then fashion it into a foot with onion toenails and plenty of ketchup, or barbecue sauce. You could get even more creative and make a handloaf, too. Or shove this hideous photo to the back of your brain and pray you forget about it.

Biryani Stuffed Pumpkins. If you love the season but would like something a little classier than a fake severed foot, get pumpkins to stuff with biryani.

Lentil-Stuffed Bell Peppers. Scroll through Pinterest, Instagram, even TikTok and you’ll see people carving jack-o-lantern faces into the side of a bell pepper, to then stuff with a filling of your choice and serve. Lentils will keep together nicely, but you can choose other fillings, too.

Spooky Sour. For all the grown-ups who miss the joys of trick-or-treating, this cocktail is based off classic candy corn.

Simple Deviled Eggs. It’s right in the name! But let’s take these deviled eggs and make them spookier. Add hot sauce to the filling for a little fire or some pureed beet for a shocking red color.

White Chocolate Unicorn Bark. Halloween isn’t just for the macabre — make this brightly colored unicorn bark for the kid in your life who wants to be a prince, a fairy or, yes, a unicorn.

Fried Sweet Cherry Pies. But back to macabre, because it’s fun to be spooky once in a while. Make these little cherry pies and dress up like a vampire to pretend the sweet cherry filling is actually blood and guts.

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