HGTV’s ‘My Big Italian Adventure’: Release date, plot, host, trailer and all you need to know about Lorraine Bracco’s renovation show

The Oscar and Emmy nominated actress from ‘Goodfellas’ and ‘The Sopranos’, Lorraine Bracco, will take a break from Hollywood for her next gig on the island of Sicily, renovating a 200-year-old home she purchased for only one euro ($1.18) for HGTV’s latest show ‘My Big Italian Adventure’. While it was a bargain at its one-euro ($1.18) price point, the centuries-old home has no electricity, running water, kitchen or bathrooms, and needs to be gutted due to its deteriorating floors, crumbling walls and dilapidated roof. 

Release date

The new HGTV series ‘My Big Italian Adventure’ will be premiering on Friday, Oct. 30, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


The reality show will follow Lorraine’s journey to renovate the 1,075-square-foot property in the tiny hilltop town of Sambuca di Sicilia with help from an architect, contractor and other local experts. The Sambuca one-euro ($1.18) program was created by the mayor to help sell the town’s vacant homes quickly and inexpensively. The goal is to encourage families to return to the rural oasis, but the catch is that the homes must be completed within three years of purchase.

The whole-home renovation will be a massive project filled with unexpected challenges, tough decisions, disappointments, valuable learnings and triumphant reveals. With her contractor Piero, translator Cynthia, several American friends and a welcoming town on her side, the impossible will become a breathtaking reality when together they complete a gorgeous Italian retreat where Lorraine can spend time with her family. In the end, the overhauled home will feature a stunning entryway with a custom tiled rug, a dreamy Sicilian-inspired bedroom and an indoor courtyard with a custom water feature.


Known for her distinct husky voice and Brooklyn accent, Lorraine Bracco is an American film and television actress. Born on October 2, 1954 in New York City, Lorraine has another celebrity in her family, her sister Elizabeth Bracco is known for her role in the HBO TV series ‘The Sopranos’ alongside Lorraine who portrays the character of Jennifer Melfi, the psychiatrist.

Series Regulars Lorraine Bracco And James Gandolfini.

Bracco has been married and divorced twice. “I believe life is an adventure,” said Lorraine about doing the show. “When I saw the article that you could buy a house in Sambuca for one euro ($1.18), I jumped on it. So, I came on the plane. I bought the house. I’m very excited to be here, meet and work with the locals, and live amongst them. I’m here to pay homage to my family that comes from Sicily.”


The trailer for ‘My Big Italian Adventure’ is not out yet. MEAWW will update the article when it’s released.

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