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MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) – “While we have so many great offerings here in Mankato already. I just thought it would be fun if I could put my own stamp on it as well,” owner and operator of Nolabelle Kitchen + Bar, Alexa Swindell said.

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Nolabelle Kitchen + Bar on Front Street downtown Mankato is one of the recently new restaurants that was added to the downtown hospitality hub.

They opened their doors in July in the middle of the pandemic and have been booming ever since.

The restaurant is themed after a farm-to-table environment and is stamped as the place to go for local, seasonal and unique concoctions.

“With the blackberry bacon grilled cheese. There’s also jalapenos on there so it is like a taste bud explosion with spicy, sweet, savory and salty from the bacon. People are enjoying trying it for the first time,” Swindell said.

Owner and operator, Alexa Swindell, puts her heart and soul into making Nolabelle Kitchen + Bar a fun and energetic place to eat and work.

“It means everything to me. It’s my new baby, I am here seven days a week. I live, breath, sleep, eat, cry here, but also as physically tired as sometimes it can be there is so much energy inside because this is something I love and these are people that I love,” Swindell said.

This has been Swindell’s dream for as long as she can remember… the bar and kitchen is named after her great grandma who was a single female restaurant owner in the 30s, 40s and 50s in the Detroit, Michigan area.

She wanted to have a place that reminded her of her family’s history and women empowerment.

“She had three restaurants during that time and that was a era where women didn’t traditionally work outside of the home. She didn’t want to accept those social norms so I think hospitality is maybe in the blood. I just wanted to pay homage to her and the restaurant,” Swindell said.

This bar and kitchen isn’t like anything you will find in a big food chain and that’s what Nolabelle Kitchen + Bar counts on.

“Fresh food, made from scratch, using local ingredients – that’s our motto,” Swindell said.

If you are interested in checking out Nolabelle Kitchen + Bar menu then click on the hyperlink.

Their business hours are as described:

Monday – Thursday: Lunch 11am – 4pm

Monday – Thursday: Dinner 4pm – 9pm

Friday: Lunch 11am – 4pm

Friday: Dinner 4pm – 10pm

Saturday: Brunch 8am – 2pm

Saturday: Lunch 2:30pm – 4pm

Saturday: Dinner 4pm – 10pm

Sunday: Brunch 8am – 2pm

Sunday: Lunch 2:30pm – 4pm

Sunday: Dinner 4pm – 9pm

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