Housewarming Gift Ideas That You’ll Want To Keep for Yourself

Whether you are moving cross-country and trading city life for country life, or relocating just a few blocks down to take on the neighborhood’s newest fixer-upper, moving into a new house is always an adventure: fun, exciting, and usually stressful. If you have a friend or family member who is taking on a move this year, chances are, once the dishes are unpacked and the boxes are recycled, they’re going to want to throw a housewarming party. Welcome them to their new neighborhood with a thoughtful gift that’ll make them feel right at home—and we’re not talking about grabbing a bottle of wine on the way to the party!

The secret to choosing the perfect gift is getting to know a little about your new neighbors beforehand so you can pick out a present that speaks to their souls. Home bakers and chefs will love eye-pleasing and useful kitchen gifts, like a state-shaped cheese board or a kitchen utensil and tablet holder. Condo and apartment dwellers will appreciate gifts that harp on small-space decorating ideas, like a Mason jar indoor herb garden or the must-have book on organizing from The Home Edit. When it doubt, go for something custom, like a hand-painted house portrait or a monogrammed soap set. With gift ideas this good, you’ll soon become the head of the neighborhood welcoming committee.

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