How do you keep your grass nice and green?

If you’re trying to keep your yard looking clean and perfect, you’ll have to take care of it properly. You might think you’re doing great at it, but sometimes, when you walk outside, you see some dead grass spots, maybe some moss killer, or just empty spots in the grass because of poorly done work. There’s a few ways you can try to get rid of these problems.

A beautiful yard without empty spots

If you have trouble keeping your lawn looking sharp? You might have some empty spots in your grass in some places, maybe you have some flattened parts which cause grass breakage. If you want to avoid this as much as you can, you should mow your grass more often. Also make sure to water your lawn enough and to fertilize the lawn where needed. If you add watering and fertilizing to your to-do list, you’ll come to find that your unwanted weeds might even disappear as well.

Fertilization of the lawn

There are many ways to fertilize your lawn, and many products you can use to do just that. You can try out some of the online stuff, make your own mixture and see if it works. If you find that a bit too risky, going to your garden center is a good thing to do. Get iron sulphate to fertilize your lawn for example, or just get some regular plant or grass fertilizer. If you want these products to work well you can go ahead and scarify your lawn. Scarifying is making sure your lawn is entirely clean of dirty leaves, unwanted moss, just things you don’t like to see in your lawn. Once you’ve done this the scarification gets into the soil of your lawn and you can go ahead and fertilize it, this makes the product seep through those open parts you’ve created.

Dead grass

Your dead grass might not actually be dead. If your ‘dead’ grass is brown it might just be dormant grass… This means it can be saved. To check if your grass is still alive you just grab a handful of grass (that is still in the ground) and pull. If the grass comes out without a struggle, I’m sorry to break it to you, but your grass is dead. If it doesn’t come out that easy you can still save it.

If it’s not raining a lot, make sure to water your grass often. When you mow your grass, leave the grass on the lawn, that way it acts as its own fertilizer. Once it’s been on there for a while you can rake it off, otherwise the big clumps of grass might cause a barrier over the underlying grass and that part won’t get the sunlight it needs. So it’s not that hard to do, you just have to know if you’re good with plants and such. If not, you might want to quit this thing….