How to Incorporate Glass Into a Kitchen Remodel Project

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Glass is a versatile building material with many applications for every setting and price point. For homeowners desiring to incorporate the design element into a kitchen or bathroom remodel, there are many options to choose from. Oak City Glass offers three simple tips to enhance a kitchen remodel using glass as a design element.

Design Tip: Indoor picnic atmosphere with glass panels for a sun-filled kitchen area

Let the sun shine in through glass panels to create an open, airy indoor living space centered around a spacious kitchen table. Recent events have caused lifestyles to shift to a more home-centered emphasis than in past decades. School, business, and recreation now take place in the great room or dining area around the kitchen table or work area.

Removing traditional windows, enlarging the existing spaces, and filling the areas with any number of glass options to fit any budget can provide ample amounts of sunlight and vitamin D without compromising energy efficiency or breaking the remodeling budget. Some employers will reimburse employees who make renovations to their homes to accommodate work-from-home employment. The design team at Oak City Glass can take an idea and bring it to life.

Design Tip: Glass tabletop

A glass tabletop may give some homeowners pause, but it offers many advantages. A glass tabletop is an affordable option to add space and depth to a kitchen or work area. A glass tabletop lends a casual, relaxed atmosphere to work, virtual school, or play. The surface is easy to clean and adds an elegant dimension to the kitchen. A tempered glass product is sturdy and safe. Consult with the experts at Oak City Glass for more options.

Design Tip: Open shelving with protective glass panels or glass cabinet doors

Show off prized collectibles and heirlooms, such as formal dinnerware that has been in the family for generations or antique teapots collected over decades of searching.

Installing an open shelving solution with glass panels or glass cabinet doors will enable the heirlooms to be displayed and enjoyed while keeping them dust-free and safe. An open shelving design element will make the kitchen seem larger and more inviting. Including everyday items in the glass door cabinets carries the added bonus of not having to open many drawers and doors to find the items needed for meal preparation.

Glass Options

The technology involved in manufacturing glass is impressive, and the options available to homeowners and businesses are wide-ranging and usually very affordable. Incorporating glass in the remodel project with the help of the design and installation professionals at Oak City Glass can open up new opportunities to bring light and life to any home environment.

Gas-Filled Window Glass

Gas-filled windows are a favorite because of the superior performance of the thermal efficiency. An inert gas is injected between the panes. The gas-filled windows can reduce the amount of heat that escapes from the home through standard windows. The high-performance of gas-filled windows comes at somewhat of a higher cost than standard glass, but the energy savings and sustainability are a reasonable tradeoff for the added expense.

Insulated Glass

Insulated window solutions are an excellent choice for homeowners desiring cost-effective energy efficiency. Insulated windows are comprised of two or more glass panes or panels with an air space between them. The panes are sealed along the edges specifically for insulation purposes. Many modern building codes require insulated glass because of the added energy efficiency. Insulated glass is economical because of the simple construction feature, making it a popular choice for the budget-minded.

Heat Absorbing Tinted Glass

Heat absorbing tinted glass is suitable for the sunny, southern climate. Metro Raleigh is sunny about 220 days per year. This type of glass will work well in this region but is extremely well suited for an intensely sunny desert climate. A technologically advanced glaze enables the tinted glass to absorb heat energy, which reduces the sun’s glare in the home. This application is very cost-effective for the cost-conscious homeowner or business owner.

Low-Emissivity Coatings (Low-E Glass)

Low-e glass has low-emissivity coatings that reduce the flow of heat from the home. The innovative technology keeps rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Windows and glass panels with these coatings can reduce the heat loss by as much as 50%. This technology adds a noticeable cost to the price of the glass, but the upfront expense has a positive tradeoff. In the long run, low-e coatings reduce energy loss and save money on power bills.

Spectrally Selective Coatings

Glass with spectrally selective coatings is desirable for warm, sunny areas, much like heat-absorbing tinted glass. This glass technology allows the full amount of sunlight to pass through the glass. The spectrally selective coatings significantly help to reduce the amount of heat in the home. These coatings serve to keep rooms cool during days of intense heat without reducing the amount of light entering through the glass. This type of glass performs well and is well worth the very reasonable cost.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is an incredibly strong type of glass. It is specially manufactured to withstand high winds and thermal extremes. Tempered glass crumbles when broken, making it a safe option for the home. Tempered glass is moderately priced and worth the price for the added safety feature.

Reflective Coatings

This glass has reflective coatings that reduce solar radiation entering the home. This filtering of solar radiation makes this glass product popular with larger buildings. Reflective coated glass is very affordable for the benefits it provides.

The versatility, beauty, and affordability of glass over other building materials invite creativity and ingenuity. Call and schedule a consultation with the experienced glass masters at Oak City Glass. They are more than skilled installation technicians. They are artisans who combine an old-world standard of craftsmanship with the innovative technologies of modern glass manufacturing.

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