In the 5G era of high speed, large capacity, and low latency, WIMI real-time holographic AR communication service is expected to make breakthroughs

HONG KONG, Nov. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MobiusTrend releases a research report, “In the 5G era of high speed, large capacity, and low latency, WIMI real-time holographic AR communication service is expected to make breakthroughs.” Since the beginning of this year, the hot discussion on 5G topics has attracted much attention in the telecom market. With the development of 5G, business development, and future commercial use, the 5G market will have huge demand, and the entire industry chain will be strongly driven.

As we all know, from 1G, 2G, 3G, to today’s 4G network, most of them stay at the increase of network speed, so is the 5G network just a simple network and then speed up? Of course, it is not limited to this. From the perspective of the three major characteristics of 5G, that is, high speed, large capacity, and low latency, this data network will be more widely used.

High speed: The so-called high speed is the improvement of network speed. Compared with the improvement of 4G and 3G, 5G is more radical. The theoretical transmission speed of 5G can reach hundreds of times that of 4G, and the substantial increase in speed can further expand the speed of information resource collection, upload, and download. For example, a 3GB movie can be downloaded in one second. At present, the 4K and 8K video streams matching 4K and 8K TVs are limited by the network speed problem, which makes it difficult to implement broadcasting. As communication speed is improved, this problem can be solved, which in turn can promote the popularization of 4K and 8K TVs.

At the same time, faster Internet speeds will also promote the further development of 3D with naked eyes. In the future, you can enjoy the 3D shocking effects without 3D glasses when watching movies. There are also the virtual reality and augmented reality in similarly driven industries. For example, in museums and classrooms, virtual reality can be used for explanation, which is more vivid. In addition, with the development of cloud technology and the improvement of 5G networks, mobile hard disks may be eliminated in the future. Users only need to transfer the material to the cloud disk. Under the high-speed network, it is very convenient to take and use it at will.

Low latency: When we are playing King of Glory, we often encounter phenomena, such as dropped calls and network freezes. This is the performance of network speed delays. For example, when entering a URL in a web browser, there are two factors that cause the user to wait for a certain amount of time to see the content of the web page: the time required for the request to be confirmed, and the time required for sending the page text, images, and videos to the client. Such network delays not only affect the gaming experience, but is also an obstacle to the improvement of office efficiency.

Large capacity: 5G network has the characteristics of large capacity and low power consumption. If fully implemented, it will reduce the connection cost. After 5G, mobile communication is not only limited to human entertainment, but also has a good application on the Internet of Everything. In other words, mobile communications will no longer be limited to the consumer sector, industry, other sectors such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and services can benefit from the development of mobile communication technology.

5G will comprehensively build the key infrastructure for the digital transformation of the economy and society, from online to offline, from consumption to production, from platform to ecology, and promote the development of China’s digital economy to a new level.

According to the “White Paper on The Economic and Social Impact of 5G” predicted by the Information and Communication Research Institute, in the initial stage of 5G commercial use, operators will carry out large-scale network construction. By 2020, the investment in networks and terminal equipment may reach 450 billion yuan. By 2030, 5G will directly contribute 6.3 trillion yuan in total output, and indirectly contribute 10.6 trillion yuan in total output.

Speaking of the holographic concept, WIMI Hologram Cloud is one of the leading holographic companies in China. WIMI’s business covers various technical links, such as the field of VR/AR, the computer vision AI synthesis, visual presentation, interactive software development, AR online and offline advertising, and holographic face recognition development.

With the change of 5G holographic communication network bandwidth conditions, the 5G holographic application market will usher in the explosion. High-end applications such as holographic interactive entertainment and holographic conferences have gradually become popular in holographic social networking, holographic communication, holographic navigation, holographic home applications. WIMI hologram project is based on holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face change technology as its core technologies, and uses multiple technologically innovative systems to support holographic cloud platform services and 5G communication holographic applications.

By constructing a multi-angle shooting real-time modeling system, WIMI Hologram Cloud conducts a full-dimensional image scanning of the collected objects and synthesizes them into a three-dimensional model in real time. Meanwhile, it has a six-degree matrix optical field system: the imaging field of the holographic virtual image is constructed by the comprehensive application of multiple light sources. It also has a binocular disparity intelligent enhancement system: it dynamically tracks the object trajectory and adjusts the light during the acquisition process to maintain the balanced value of binocular disparity. In addition, WIMI also has a multi-image dynamic fusion system, the holographic image high-speed processing algorithm, the stealth polyester optical imaging film, and the holographic virtual character voice reconstruction technology. The holographic cloud platform is an interactive platform covering the whole country for image collection and restoration, with data storage, image restoration, and holographic social attributes. Through the combination of the above systems, WIMI has constructed a complete 5G holographic communication application platform to support various online terminals and personal devices. In the meantime, it expands various mainstream 5G holographic applications, such as holographic social communication, holographic family interaction, holographic star interaction, holographic online education, and holographic online conference.

In the future, with the popularization of 5G, high-definition videos can be upload and shared in time. A lot of more advanced technology and business models will spew out, such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, AR live broadcast, and video conferencing. Meanwhile, internet giants in the new era of 5G are likely to appear in the future.

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