Iowa Homeowners: Remodeling Costs For 5 Improvement Projects

Every Iowa homeowner wants to make smart choices when it comes to spending money on home makeovers and upgrades.

The first steps to doing any home remodel or upgrade is to determine your working budget and have a plan. You’ll need to factor in which projects are a priority and make a list of expected costs.

Based on a survey of HomeAdvisor homeowners, here are the top 5 five home improvement projects and the average cost to complete:

One of the best budget-friendly ways to update the look and style of your home is by adding a new coat of paint. Use these tips to save money on your interior paint project:

  • If you’re planning on repainting multiple rooms in your home it’s cost-effective to buy 5-gallon paint containers.
  • Avoid applying multiple coats by choosing a high-quality paint.

2. Updated Landscaping

Updating the landscaping not only gives your home more curb appeal, it also lets you expand usable outdoor space for you and your family. You can keep landscaping costs within your budget by planting hardy perennials rather than buying new annuals each year. Good choices are hardy bushes, shrubs, and trees that are able to survive even the harshest winters.

Estimated Budget: $3,000

A popular trend for homeowners is to use the same flooring design through the main living area and into the kitchen. Laying hardwood throughout these areas gives a unified look to your home and can make small rooms look bigger. You can come in below budget by keeping an eye out at home improvement stores for flooring that has slight flaws. When installing, place these flawed flooring pieces in places they won’t easily be seen, such as under beds and living room furniture.

4. Bathroom Remodels

Estimated Budget: $10,000

We spend almost as much time in the bathroom as we do in the kitchen and at some time in your home ownership, you’re going to want to make a few updates. A new bath, shower, and toilet will set you back a bit but with some planning you can stay on budget with your remodel. One way to save is by looking for stone remnants from leftover slabs that you can use for a stylish new bathroom vanity.

5. Fresh New Exterior

Estimated Budget: $2,800

Giving the exterior a new coat of paint or stain is a good way to spruce up the outside and to increase your home value. For best results, exterior painting is best left to a professional who has both the equipment and skills to do the job right. Even when you hire someone for exterior painting you can still save money by doing some of the prep work on your own, such as covering up landscaping with plastic or tarps and scraping windows and siding on the ground level.

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