Key things to consider before remodeling your home


Remodeling or renovating a home enhances its value and aesthetics.

However, before upgrading your house, there are some factors you should take into consideration.

Muhammad Nsereko, a construction expert with 3m Design and construction advises to begin by determining what you want to remodel.

Is it the entire house or just bits of it like the living room, bedroom, or kitchen?

Robert Ashaba, another construction expert with Frendy contractors adds that the remodeling plan should match the budget and time frame.

For example; if you plan to remodel the whole house, the budget should cover all aspects of the project from the structural changes, plumbing and electrical works to roofing and finishes.

Plan ahead

“Set priorities and plan ahead. Also, find out if the work can be done in bits over a period of time,” Ashaba advises.

You can also do some as a family and save. For example; painting, aligning furniture, and simple fittings.

Consult the experts

Nsereko is of a view to involving different experts such as; engineer, plumber, electrician, roofer, and an interior designer among others.

“Don’t rely on one person to do all the work. Engage them to come up with a comprehensive review,” he cautions.

They should also be able to establish if the changes are compatible with the existing structure.

Know your contractor

“Research about the contractor to ascertain their strength, weaknesses, and credibility,” Nsereko suggests. He adds that this will help mitigate accidents.

But also, some engineers are unreliable. They take on many contracts and cause unnecessary delays.

Source for genuine materials

List down the materials you need and find out where to buy them.

Nsereko notes that there are many fake materials on the market. Therefore, home owners should source for genuine ones from trusted sources and if possible, avoid middlemen.

However, in this case, a trusted contractor can be of help.

“Inquire from him for recommendations and also if possible check with hardware stores for any discounts,” he recommends.

It should be convenient

Build at your convenience. This can be during leave or long holidays off work.

This will help you supervise the project to make sure all goes as planned.

Also, mind the season. Rainy days can be inconveniencing more so if the work has tight deadlines.

Staying on site or relocating?

Ever visualized staying in a dusty house; inhaling dust and exposing kids to safety hazards like dug pits? This and more is what it means to stay on site.

Determine if the family will be comfortable seeing their home being turned upside down.

If possible, move out.

If you choose to stay, make provisions for the kitchen, bedrooms, and other functional spaces that will be under renovation.

Pay on time

Nsereko advises paying workers on time depending on the payment agreement.

Don’t wait to be reminded. Prompt payments energize the workers to meet deadlines.

None the less, treat the workers well. Where possible, offer them meals.

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