Klipsch Raises The Curtain On Four New Soundbars Designed For Home Cinema Fans

Klipsch is a classic name that’s probably best known for making loudspeakers since 1949, but the company also makes some great headphones. Now the US-based manufacturer has announced four new soundbars, two of them just in time for the Christmas season, plus they are now available in the UK.


The new Klipsch soundbar line comprises the Cinema 400, Cinema 600, Cinema 800, and Cinema 1200 models. Each offers an extensive range of movie and music-led features at four distinct price points. All four new models include a soundbar and matching subwoofer. Highlights include a Dolby Atmos-capable 5.1.4 system; compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Spotify Connect; matching wireless subwoofers; and 8K passthrough. Klipsch houses all this technology in a real wood cabinet with classic Klipsch sound.

The new soundbars kick off with the Klipsch Cinema 400, an entry-level model designed to give an instant upgrade for gaming, movies and music. Inside the Cinema 400’s cabinet is a pair of Klipsch Tractrix 1” (25mm) tweeters and a brace of 3” (76mm) midrange drivers combined with the wireless 8” (203mm) subwoofer that deliver virtual surround sound, dialogue enhancement and a night mode for watching TV when everyone else is fast asleep. It also offers built-in Dolby Audio decoding.

The next rung up on the Klipsch soundbar ladder is the Cinema 600 which builds on the entry-level model and has three of the same Klipsch Tractrix tweeters, four 76 mm midrange drivers, and a more powerful 10” (254 mm) wireless subwoofer. The 600 also has the Klipsch motion-sensing remote, offering full control even when the lights are turned down low. This soundbar has a dedicated center channel for enhancing dialogue plus it can be upgraded by adding the optional Klipsch Surround 3 speakers to get a full 5.1 set-up. 

The Klipsch Cinema 800 goes on sale early next year and is the third soundbar in the Klipsch Cinema Collection. This one offers Dolby Atmos, enabling 7.1.4 decoding and creating overhead sound for greater immersion in movie soundtracks. The Klipsch Cinema 800 also handles wireless music streaming and will integrate into a smart home using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Spotify Connect. Packing a 3.1 speaker system, including the Klipsch 10” wireless subwoofer, the Cinema 800 has 8K video passthrough for compatibility with the latest TVs and HDMI sources. Cinema 800 owners can also select the optional Klipsch SURROUND 3 speakers, boosting the set-up from a 3.1 system into a fully-fledged 5.1 surround sound creature.

Finally, the Klipsch Cinema 1200, the flagship model of the new Klipsch soundbar range, will also be available in January. The Cinema 1200 soundbar is a big 5.1.4 system, complete with wireless surrounds, as well as a 12” (305mm) wireless subwoofer. The entire system delivers a huge 1200 watts of power. This model can project sound from all directions, including overhead, resulting in a bona fide Dolby Atmos experience. The Cinema 1200’s universal WiFi works with wireless multi-room music streaming via Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Spotify Connect. The Cinema 1200 soundbar, subwoofer and surrounds are made from real wood and the package includes interchangeable walnut end caps.


Pricing and availability:

  • Klipsch Cinema 400: $399 / £379 / €399, on sale December 2020.
  • Klipsch Cinema 600: $599 / £549 / €599, on sale December 2020.
  • Klipsch Cinema 800: $999 / £899 / €999, on sale early 2021.
  • Klipsch Cinema 1200: $1,544 / £1,449 / €1,499, on sale early 2021.

More info: www.klipsch.com or UK buyers can visit www.henleyaudio.co.uk


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