Lakewood Road Improvements: Public Meeting Happening Dec. 3

Potential proposed improvements include a new intersection design, the reconstruction of Lakewood Road at Miller Road, and bicycle and pedestrian accommodations along the corridor.

At the May 30, 2019 public open house, McHenry County residents and Lakewood Road users provided information to the project team about their observations regarding Lakewood Road.

According to county officials, the shared understanding helped to refine the purpose and need of the project to address the following issues:

  • Traffic: Temporary signals currently are in place at the Lakewood Road and Miller Road intersection. To improve safety and reduce delay, a permanent intersection solution will be provided.
  • Pedestrian and bicyclists: Bicycle and pedestrian paths currently do not exist along the Lakewood Road corridor. Pedestrians and bicyclists can often be seen riding and jogging along Lakewood Road. This project will address this need by providing pedestrian and bicycle accommodations along Lakewood Road.

MCDOT officials said they have collected data, analyzed it, and received input about the community’s experiences on Lakewood Road. The next step in the process is to develop a range of solutions to address issues in the corridor.

Members of the public are invited to attend a virtual public meeting and provide additional insight on their preferred design alternatives to help guide future project development.

Visit to learn more and leave comments and questions to discuss at the meeting.

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