Matty Matheson Castor Design Cookware Line Launch

Following the release of his new cookbook Home Style Cookery and Season 2 debut of the Just A Dash cooking show, Matty Matheson has announced his very own cookware and housewares line, “Matheson Cookware.” Matheson Cookware is a partnership between the food icon and Toronto/Detroit product design studio, Castor Design, which builds on a 12-year long relationship that saw the duo own and operate celebrated restaurants Oddfellows and Parts & Labour in Toronto.

To mark its launch, Matheson Cookware has released a 10” Cast Iron Pan that introduces a distinctive pan edge lip that makes basting and stirring a breeze. The design provides more surface area to collect sauces when tilting the pan and a place to rest cooking utensils.

Crafted of cast iron, the pan is suitable for use on all heat sources including electric, gas and induction and ovens fired by electric, gas or wood. The thick bottom of the pan offers even heat distribution to avoid burning on “hot-spots” and superior temperature retention. A rugged baked-on triple-layer black enameled finish provides a sleek look primed to develop a smooth patina as it incorporates cooking oils throughout the life of the pan.

The hard anodized in black and knurled lengthened pan handle ensures more grippable surface area and perfect leverage while standing further away in case of spillage or splatter. A hole at the end allows the pan to be hung nicely on a fastened S-hook or other hangers. Finally, the lid is perfectly crafted to create a reliable seal and is outfitted with a knob shaped to be used while holding a rag in hand safely and easily.

Each pan comes in a simple cardboard box held together with a cast iron trivet in the shape of the brand’s logo. Inside the box, customers will also find a signed booklet containing 3 recipes, pan features, and blank recipe cards to add and share your own recipes.

Priced at $250 USD, the inaugural 10” Cast Iron Pan is available now for pre-order on the Matheson Cookware website.

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