Medical Center mindful of community with design choices | Grand Island Local News

Another way the design ensures the comfort of patients, visitors and health care providers is through the incorporation of the local landscape.

Working with local photographer Jorn Olsen, large vinyl images taken around the Tri-Cities provide decoration for walls in every patient room and throughout the facility.

With a different photo in each of the 64 patient rooms and 25 murals throughout the facility, Olsen was faced with the unique task of finding photos of the area that capture the essence of Nebraska.

“It was kind of a challenge,” Olsen said. “They gave me a list of sizes ranging from 54 inches to 30 feet wide.”

Olsen said he spent a great deal of time working through his library of photos taken across the state.

“You want something that is relaxing with a positive note,” Olsen said. “Something that people from Nebraska can relate to.”

After working through his library, Olsen, with help from Lynne and Tom Werner, made the difficult decisions to cut his list of potential photos down to the final 89 images seen throughout the facility.

“I like all of my photos,” Olsen said. “Every photo is different and I value it differently. There are not any photos I think should have been picked that did not because that would mean replacing another. The better solution would be to have 50 more photos.”

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