Menard’s to open second home improvement store in KCK | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Mayor/CEO of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, David Alvey has announced that a second Menard’s home improvement store will be opening in KCK.

Alvey said the Unified Government Commission approved a redevelopment plan last Thursday as well as a developer’s agreement that will provide for the siting of the store in southern Wyandotte County on the southwest bluff of Interstate 35 and 18th Street.

Alvey said the 175,000 square foot, $34 million store will share the same floor plan and layout as the other KCK store, which opened in February on 98th Street.

“It will pay 100% of sales taxes immediately, generating approximately $1.3 million in revenue annually to the Unified Government,” Alvey said in a note posted on Facebook last Friday.

Alvey said the new Menard’s store will serve the dense I-35 corridor, providing a convenient big box retail center for Wyandotte County residents in the southern and eastern parts of the community.

“Attracting the major national retailer to this location is a tremendous accomplishment,” Alvey said. “When coupled with the Reardon Redevelopment Project lead by Willie Lanier, the opening of the new Merc Co+op on Minnesota Ave, and numerous other projects, our community is clearly on the right path toward sustained growth, attracting the daily amenity and shopping opportunities our neighborhoods want, and the revenue growth necessary to maintain the services our residents deserve.”

Alvey said new development continues to broaden Wyandotte County’s tax base and increased revenues from sales taxes will help the UG finance vital infrastructure improvements and take a bit of pressure off property taxes.

“Every new project does a little bit more,” Alvey said.

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