Musical activities for kids: Easy ways to get musical at home with young children

“Make sure you have lots of eye contact when you sing or make music and it’s a really good idea to dip down to your child’s eye level,” says Alys.

  • Follow your child’s lead

“If they bang three times on a drum, you should bang three times on a drum. If they want to empty a container of water and say ‘splash’, then you do the same – and make it into a splashing song. If they don’t want to ping the strings of their cardboard guitar, but bang on it, follow their lead and copy them,” recommends Alys. “The more you can mirror and copy them, the more they get out of the activity because they can participate and will really listen and focus their attention.”

“This means taking time to define each syllable in a word like um-brel-la,” says Alys. “Using a musical object to tap out the syllables of words can help your child build their vocab because it helps them hear the sounds in the words.”

  • Get the whole family involved

A rousing singalong or instrument jam are brilliant activities for everyone at home – and over video calls – and can take the pressure off you to be chief entertainer.

“Slow down songs and rhymes so your child has more time to process them and join in,” says Alys. “This is much more fun for them than simply watching and listening.”

Singing alternate verses or swapping who has an instrument is great for your child’s language learning. “This means there’s an element of turn taking just like verbal conversations and you can stretch your child’s attention span by having slightly longer turns each time,” says Alys.

Praising your little one’s efforts is great for their confidence – so keep encouraging their musicianship.

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