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On the cusp of Veteran’s Day, many organizations are putting forth the effort to ensure those who served the country are getting the help they need.

One of those in need is Vietnam Veteran Charles Myers who was in dire need of repairs.

“It’s a big relief, it’s sort of a weight off my shoulders,” said Myers who took a sigh of relief as he walked around his home, witnessing work he’s needed for years finally being completed.

“The house needed lots of repairs, look there, if you noticed the top of the roof up there, all around the edges, those boards have to be replaced,” Myers pointed out.

As Myers and CBS46’s Bobeth Yates walked the property, there was lots of rotted siding and wood, even the door frame had to replaced. Contractor PRC Services says if the work wasn’t completed soon the home would have continued to deteriorate.

“Man, the water would have started entering into the home behind the rotted wood, then he would have had really, really serious damage,” said Ricky Reynolds Sr. the owner of PRC Services.

To make things even better Reynolds agreed to donate all the labor for the repairs.

“I just wanted to give back, especially to the veterans, they have done so much for the country so that’s the least we can do to show our appreciation,” said Reynolds.

PRC was the sole contractor hired by nonprofit House Proud Atlanta to complete the work. Prior to the repairs CBS46 reached out to House Proud to see if they would take on the project — they gladly agreed.

“Our primary focus is to make sure that seniors, veterans, and disabled individuals in the city are taken care of, as far as warm, safe, and dry. To make sure if they need any kind of repairs, that they can’t afford, to take care of it for them,” said Lori Lemanski with House Proud.

As for Myers who is also currently battling prostate cancer and mourning the recent death of his son, the repairs are a God send.

“It makes you appreciate the service that you did for your country, that someone is willing to help me because of it,” added Myers.

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