Oakland homicide victim suffocated from being duct taped by robbers

OAKLAND — A second person has been arrested and charged in connection with a 2018 home-invasion robbery in which the suspects duct-taped and beat a man in his 50s, causing him to suffocate from the tape wrapped around his face, authorities said.

David Martin, 22, was charged last week with murdering 51-year-old Jose Lechuga in a November 2018 home-invasion robbery. This comes roughly a year after another person, Eduardo Bibianolopez, was arrested and charged with murder in Lechuga’s killing.

Both Martin and Bibianolopez were identified through fingerprints collected at Lechuga’s home, police said in court records.

Lechuga was killed inside his home on the 1700 block of 28th Avenue. According to police, multiple robbers entered his home and duct-taped him “from head to feet” while searching the home for valuables. After Lechuga was duct-taped, at least one person beat him with “unknown blunt objects.” He died from asphyxiation from the duct tape, a police probable cause statement says.

On Oct. 15, a print found on the duct tape was linked to Martin, police said. Similarly, Bibianolopez’s fingerprints were allegedly found inside Lechuga’s home, though he told investigators he had been there prior to the homicide.

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