Olive & June Upgrades The At-Home Pedicure With Their Revolutionary Launch

How can you deal with the cuticles on your toenails? How can you actually smooth the calluses on your feet? And where the heck can you put your feet while you’re polishing your toenails? Anyone who has attempted to do an at-home pedicure before—and there have been many of us since March—knows that those are just a few of the questions that plague us during the not-so-simple process. But Olive & June is changing that with the launch of their game-changing Pedi System, which comes out today. “It was the most highly requested product after we launched the mani system,” says Sarah Gibson Tuttle, Olive & June’s founder and CEO. “Customers have asked us every single day for a solution for their pedicures.”

Olive & June is no stranger to at-home solutions. Before they introduced their manicure system last year, their market was 90% in salons and 10% at home. When they released their beloved Studio Box, which is packed with all the tools you need for a pro-level DIY mani, it sold out five times. “This industry-wide shift showed people wanted at-home nail care—they just needed the right tools and education,” Tuttle says. “The pedi kit is an entirely new system. The idea was not to take the mani system and say this is for your feet. It was developed feet first and features new, innovate products that have been expertly designed to give everyone their salon perfect pedicure.”

Truly every detail was thought of for the Olive & June Pedi System. It includes the brand’s first cuticle remover, their first foot serum and their first toe separators, to name a few. Best of all, the Pedi System case itself, dubbed the Posey, is specifically designed to double as a foot stand, so you can get the exact angle to polish your toes without doing gymnastics or sitting on the floor hunched over. “Everything you need for a salon perfect pedicure is inside the Posey,” Tuttle says. “One of the hardest things to do when doing a pedicure is figuring out the angle of your foot. Do your put it on a chair or a coffee table? People place it on the floor or on the bathtub. There are so many crazy places people try to figure out how to place their foot. The Posey is more durable since it works as a stand—it’s like a transformer. The Posey is my most favorite part of the system.” The Posey can be configured two different ways to customize the height and angle, plus it has a silicone rubber pad to anchor the foot so it doesn’t slip.

To get the best pedi at home, Tuttle recommends starting with the foot file. “When we do surveys, one of the biggest issues is soft heels and soft feet, so we wanted to nail it on the foot file,” she says. “It’s incredible to see how well this works because it feels like nothing is happening and then you flip it over and see the dust and dry skin. It gets the bottom of your foot so smooth. It has a silicone rubber handle for good grip and it’s custom made.” Next, use the classic straight edge clipper to trim nails. It has a flat edge, so you can get every nail shape. The nail file was made thinner so you can easily work on small toes. Then, apply the cuticle remover and push cuticles back with the metal pusher. Never cut your cuticles on your toenails—leave that for the experts. The nail polish remover pot was upgraded with a sponge on top for toenails to wipe off polish effortlessly. The Clean Up Brush is the only tool that’s the same in the pedi and mani kit. The custom toe separators are made from incredibly soft silicone rubber and along with the foot file, they can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The foot serum is super hydrating without being the least bit greasy, so you can get up and walk immediately. It’s chock full of olive oil, grapeseed oil and shea butter for mega moisture. “With our kit we wanted to have daily hydration for feet,” Tuttle says. “Feet are kind of forgotten—you get a pedicure and then forget about them. Your feet really respond to hydration.”

The pedi system took just over a year to develop because Tuttle wanted to get it right. “How do you create a system that’s going to make it so easy to do your pedicure and you will want to because it will be your moment of Zen and self-care?” she says. “It was clear that we had solved such a problem with the mani system. Some products are really easy, like the polish remover pot—making it a pedi option was very obvious. But some of it took a lot of execution. The blade on the foot file has to be at a certain angle to work. Every product took a lot more time to perfect. The Posey went through 10 iterations before it felt right. For me it’s about how do you create products that are really unique and different.”

Tuttle hopes that the Olive & June Pedi System empowers women to give themselves the perfect pedicure at home without any hesitation. “I think generally people are afraid to do their nails at home,” she says. “They don’t know how to do it, which product to use and they’re scared about the foot positioning. If you offer them an all-in-one solution you are really solving the problem. How do you make this accessible and affordable to as many people as possible?” That’s why Tuttle took so much customer feedback from the Olive & June community to heart, listening to their concerns and product requests. “There has never been an all in one pedicure system,” she says. “If I just give it to you piecemeal, no one is educating you on the how-to process. It comes with a pamphlet and there’s tons of content online, so you’re taken care of. The pieces are unique and different themselves, but it really is the system as a whole that makes it special. No questions asked, this is how you get a salon pedicure at home.”

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