Parachute’s Speckled Bath Collection Will Instantly Elevate Your Bathroom, No Renovation Required

For more years than I care to admit, my wife had a set of hot pink towels and I had a set of forest green towels. We were young, we didn’t know better! What is it, you ask, that we didn’t know? Why, that towels can make (or break) the look of your bathroom, of course.

Photo Illustration: Scouted/The Daily Beast/Parachute

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Photo Illustration: Scouted/The Daily Beast/Parachute

The Speckled collection towels (and robe and rug) from Parachute enhance your space the same way great curtains improve a room or a perfect frame dresses up a photo or painting. You don’t exactly notice them outright, not at first, anyway, but they unify the space subtly, especially when you have hand towels by the sink and bath towels on the wall like we now do.

When I was younger I didn’t pay much attention to home décor, it just wasn’t on my radar. Magazines like Architectural Digest or Interior Design were foreign to me, as was why people put so much stock in how their homes looked – it’s just a home, after all, not a museum or Michelin star restaurant, right?

Over time, I came to realize that interior design is actually quite important to enjoying your home. You don’t live in a museum or fancy steakhouse or whatnot; you live in your own home. I also realized just how expensive great interior design can be. So I was thrilled by how much adding a set of Speckled Towels changed our bathroom and didn’t involve getting a quote on a remodel.

Depending on your space, you’ll go with either the gray or ivory colored Speckled set, both of which feature subtle randomly spaced spots (speckles, e.g.) that give the fabric a bit of texture and depth. Parachute’s Speckled towels look great whether hung on hooks or folded and stacked neatly (they come in the three sizes you’d expect, namely bath, hand, and washcloth).

All that’s great, but how do they feel? Amazing. I can’t recall a softer towel than these, which are made of plush Turkish cotton that absorbs well and dries fast. You’ll almost want to skip the PJs and just stay wrapped in your towel to climb into bed.

And no, they didn’t replace the green and pink towels, but rather all white IKEA towels, thank you very much.

Buy on Parachute, $150

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