Personal Finance Site Announces Major Upgrade; 4 New Intelligent Home Finance Calculators

“To date, HomeEgg has offered homeowners a private place to monitor key home financial metrics including home equity, home value, mortgage balances, home improvement spending and home asset value,” said Daniel O’Toole, HomeEgg’s founder and CEO. “With today’s new release, homeowners can now effortlessly leverage HomeEgg’s four new intelligent outcome calculators to find financial opportunity and relief across key home transactions.”

HomeEgg’s integrated platform architecture and data model leverages user home profile information and metrics to intelligently calculate actionable financial opportunities. Homeowners gain the personalized insights they need to build equity faster, find savings easier and navigate their homeownership journey with greater clarity and confidence.

HomeEgg operates as a consumer-direct solution and white label strategic growth platform for financial services, real estate brokerages, mortgage lenders, insurers and homeowner associations. 

HomeEgg’s new feature set includes:

  • Mortgage Refinance Planning Calculator: Empowers user to see their refinance options in today’s terms and assess their readiness to qualify for a loan
  • Home Sale Outcome Estimator: Allows user to quickly simulate and compare home sale scenarios and maximize their cash proceeds
  • Home Improvement Project ROI Comparison: Helps user to plan and prioritize home improvement projects based on estimated return on investment (ROI)
  • Home Insurance Savings Estimator: Finds home insurance savings based on state and national average benchmarks

About is a leading personal finance site that provides homeowners with better insights and financial outcomes for their greatest asset. With comprehensive nationwide coverage, over 120 million U.S. homeowners can immediately begin tracking their home equity, home value trends, mortgage payoff and refi options, and ROI on home improvements, among other key financial information. Users can also access intelligent financial planning calculators that simulate financial opportunities. is wholly owned by TowerHouse, Inc.

About TowerHouse, Inc.
TowerHouse, Inc., headquartered in Natick, MA., is a leading fintech company that is creating a new generation of digital homeowners through its flagship integrated home platform, It invests in and builds scalable technology solutions from the ground up that gives homeowners a strong digital foothold to maximize their real estate investment and build leverage across the consumer finance ecosystem. TowerHouse, Inc. is led by an experienced team of real estate business leaders, technologists, and consumer product professionals.

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