Plumber punches co-worker during toilet repair: Brunswick Police Blotter


Assault: Acorn Circle

A plumber reported being assaulted by a co-worker while on a job at 9:30 a.m. Sept. 28. According to the victim, he called his boss for a second plumber to assist with installing a toilet at a home.

The co-worker arrived and was complaining about the job. When the victim told the man to stop complaining and work, the man reportedly punched the victim in the mouth, causing an injury. There was no further information at the time of the report.

Disturbance: Pearl Road

A restaurant manager reported that a Door Dash driver threw food at the manager and struck the door and patio of the restaurant at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 1. The manager said the driver was upset due to the length of time he had to wait for his order.

The suspect later threw two cups of water at the owner of the restaurant when the owner came outside the restaurant and tried to photograph the suspect’s car.

Theft: Jefferson Avenue

A woman reported a theft by deception at 2:42 p.m. Oct. 2. She told police that she had purchased a washer and dryer for $350 and had been unable to reach the seller when she found the appliances were not in working order.

Police were able to reach the seller, who said he was not aware that the items were not functional. The case was forwarded to the city prosecutor for review.

Theft: Myrtle Lane

A woman reported $300 worth of jeans stolen from her unlocked car overnight Oct. 2. There was no further information at the time of the report.

Disorderly conduct: Glenbrook Drive

Police responded to a report of a man “banging on doors and threatening people with physical harm” at 6:36 p.m. Oct. 3. A witness said the man had threatened to punch him. The witness added that he wished to press charges.

The suspect was treated for an injury and was cited for disorderly conduct.

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