San Franciscans report robocalls instructing residents to ‘stay home’

Numerous reports came in on Election Day morning concerning suspicious robocalls in Michigan, New York, North Carolina and Atlanta instructing people to “stay safe and stay home.”

Now San Franciscans are reporting the same troubling activity.

The automated calls bombarded voters as they began to cast their ballots on Tuesday, sparking concerns about malicious actors attempting to interfere in the presidential election. An estimated 10 million spam calls communicating misleading advice have been received across the country in recent days, reports the Washington Post. 

The audio of the call can be heard in this tweet posted by Hashim Warren in North Carolina:

Another robocall campaign targeting the city of Flint, Mich, reportedly inaccurately told people to vote Wednesday if they hoped to avoid long lines today.

The first reported incidence of similar calls in the Bay Area came in later on Tuesday morning, as Californians were heading to the polls.

“Robo call: It’s time for you to stay home. Stay home, stay safe,” a post on Reddit read just before noon Tuesday. “Did any one receive robot call from San Mateo number saying, ‘It’s time for you to stay home. Stay home, stay safe.’ How is this legal?” user u/thereddituser2 asked.

Several other Reddit users in the Bay Area reported receiving the same automated call.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer took to Twitter to remind residents in the battleground state that those planning on voting in-person must indeed do so by 8 p.m. today, and that leaders across state and local government are working to stamp out misinformation that attempts to prevent Michiganders from voting.

New York Attorney General Letitia James tweeted a similar message Tuesday morning.

A Trump administration official told the Washington Post that the FBI has opened an investigation into the incidents.

While officials have not yet commented on reports of robocalls in the Bay Area, the San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder’s Office told KEYT it received word from the California Secretary of State’s Office about similar calls on the Central Coast.

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