Saskatoon renovator certification hopes to prevent reno horror stories

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The third-party warranty program also protects deposits paid to CPRR-designated renovators.

“If every renovation job was protected by a third-party warranty, horror stories of substandard and incomplete work, or contractors skipping town with deposits, would be a thing of the past,” says Kozole.

Lamontagne says the CPRR certification program will elevate standards for renovators in our city.

“It will instil confidence in homeowners that they’re entering into a renovation with a contractor who is a professional. The homeowner will have a written contract, which is a legal agreement that they can rely on. That’s not the case when you’re dealing with people in the underground economy, where you’re only given a verbal agreement.”

With the pandemic generating higher renovation activity in our region, the SRHBA warns of an increased risk to homeowners from fly-by-night contractors who are trying to take advantage of favourable market conditions.

“Consumers who hire a CPRR-certified renovator also won’t be subject to incomplete work, or taken advantage of by fly-by-nights who come through town and then leave,” says Lamontagne.

The SRHBA anticipates the CPRR certification program will have a positive effect on the provincial economy by directing consumers to renovators who operate reputable taxpaying businesses, rather than supporting the underground cash economy.

The SRHBA has more than 60 certified renovators who have achieved certification or are in the process of completing their education components by the Oct. 31 deadline. Renovators who are interested in enrolling in the certification program can contact the SRHBA to inquire about tuition rates, benefits and services.

Renovators who have achieved CPRR certification are listed on the SRHBA website: Look under “Find a Professional” for professional renovators with the CPRR badge on their profile.

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